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Readers Respond: Food Stamp Stories and Tips

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From the article: Oklahoma Food Stamps
The number of Oklahomans enrolled in the Oklahoma Food Stamp program continues to rise. Are you on Food Stamps in Oklahoma? Share your story and any tips you might have on the Oklahoma Food Stamp program. Share Your Thoughts


As a taxpayer, nothing incenses me more than my tax dollars going to illegal aliens when Americans are having such a difficult time. Sickens me!
—Guest Taxed Enough Already

Aggravated mother

In my opinion, the whole DHS system is a bunch of BALONEY.. Which i will say is the nicest way i can say that. I am a single 20 year old mother, same father, two children. Every so many months when i have to renew my benefits i always fun into a problem with DHS. So The most recent time i had to renew my benefit, I got a letter in the mail stating that i made 80.00....80.00 over the income. Which i was very surprised, So when i went to speak with a supervisor at DHS, she stated that the reason it went up was because the fax i sent in of REGULAR income, they were unable to read because it was too small, So instead of calling me to send another fax or to drop it off, They waited until right before Christmas to get my other checks. YES ! on those checks i had over 1100 gross on them, you know why? It was for my kids CHRISTMAS. I NEVER DO O.T but that one time i did. The proof was right there of the normal hours i work... But instead they looked at 2 checks..of OT, and said we cant help u
—Guest Angela B.

Walk a mile in my shoes before you judge

I am a 21 year old oklahoman mother, who is in school to better myself, and my husband is also in school. He works, and barely brings in any money for all the child support that is taken. I also work but I cant work too much because we cant afford child care. My mother-in-law is disabled and I have to take care of her, buy her what she needs, and feed her, until her S.S. gets approved(we have been waiting for two years.) I also have to help take care of my father who has Stage IV Colon Cancer. I would not be able to feed my daughter if it was not for my foodstamps. So I would like all of you that have a car and dont have to walk, have food on your table each night that you buy yourselves, go to fun things and get to drink and "party it up", I am glad that you have such a great and wonderful life, but ME? I have to take care of my family at the age of 21 and need some help so yeah I am on foodstamps, no I am not a druggie, and before you judge me, WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES
—Guest FED up

food stamps

I have a 22 year old adult down symdrome daughter with IQ 40. When my daughter turned 22 they said she could quality for food stamps on her own income from SSI. Well I filled put application for her, and case worker called, said I didn't fill out right one. So she sent new one through mail. I then filled out sent back and still haven't heard from her. My daughter would have to be institutionalized if I did not care for my daughter. She defecates herself, and her bed, I do all personal care except for three days a week when you can get someone to come , because they only about 8.00 hr. And they make bed, bath, dress. Most people would say put her in a institution. This is my child and I love her, and I know what's best. I will continue to take care of het til I can no longer. she just needs alittle help.
—Guest febby

Get over it!!

There will always be a program, road, court house ect... for tax payers to complain about. Did anyone actually read the guidelines required to receive food stamps? I think the net income in a household of 4 can't be over 1800.... OF 4 w rent now days?? I would like to see some of you loose your jobs, still pay for sitters (bc obviously you can't bring your child to a job interview), and not get on some kind of gov program. Personally I don't judge, ill give the bum in Walmart parking lot my last dollar. One world! P.s. if ya don't like my grrrraaammmeeeerrr, how about those of you with kids donate a couple thousand dollars out of the money you get back on your FEDERAL TAX RETURN!!!!
—Guest Jen


Everyone who is on food stamps think their situation is the most "legit" reason for needing gov aid. What we need is a revised #9. Completely revise what items can be purchased with the food stamps. These people are able to get soda and sugar in any amounted they want and not to mention red meats such as T-Bone steaks. Next thing you know they are sponging the health care visits too. It's out of hand and not fair to the tax payers. You know, the ones who work and pay for said "benefits". Drug testing should also be a requirement.
—Guest Free2Bee

food stamps - an expected benefit?

I wish our country lived by one of the more famous quotes in American history. "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." When i was newly married, there was no housing assistance, there was no long lasting unemployment checks. We did what we had to do to get by and raise our family. That doesn't work for everyone, but I do know that food stamp benefits are extended to people who take advantage of the system. Someone, please tell me, how did people in America make it before the food stamp program? I am not saying it isn't hard or wasn't hard, but life isn't always fair. You have to make very difficult decisions. And for some people, they would rather have a cell phone with a data plan, cable tv, and access to the internet than to spend that money on food. Not everyone, but enough that I feel a lot of priorities are wrong. People *expect* help, and that is where my difficulty is. It is too often a crutch, but not always. Just saying.
—Guest bryan

agree yet appalled

I agree with most of what's been said, but I'm appalled by the terrible spelling. Betty Lou zapped someone for misspelling something, yet Betty Lou herself spelled GRAMMAR wrong. She spelled it grammar! That's OK, the grammar and spelling used by our local news stations is appalling, too!
—Guest guest Lee

Ericas troubles

Ifm you can't manage to live on $30,000 a year you are doing something seriously dumb. I or we owned a $75,000 new home we had custom built by myself and paid cash for in 1978 until my heart surgery in 1999 (after $35,000 damage in the Oct 1998 tornado) and my self,my wife and both of my kids being disabled. Not to mention sending my daughter to college all on around $30,000 or less plus having to pay all my workers being in cusom home construction for 30 years. You need counseling desperatly. My brother and father inlaw were also police officers and I knew many others. They did fine Not to mention the fact that in this day and age having 6 kids is just plain ridiculous. Icame from a large family which was poor but we never turned to public assistance. Consider getting both family, budget counseling. My wife and I live on les than $200 a month on SSI and less than $100 per meal on food stamps. Good luck and pray for good health as between the wife and I we have had over 40 surgeries

.. Tell it like it is

First off Amber have some Compassion , obviously youve never had to deal with a major medical struggle such as cancer and the effects it takes on a Family emotionally and financially.. Addisson.. You MUST be young and ignorant to how the financial system works because you DO pay taxes on what you are paid out from unemployment just like you are still working and also like the other man said.. Depending on age you have no idea how long that person has been paying federal taxes and social security , which the majority of us are not paying in for ourselves but rather the previous generation as of now and will most likely not see much of it 20-30 years from now.. No the system is not right in basing what we have to feed our families and shelter them, based on gross income. No , we are not all trashy, poor, ignorant, nor drug addicted fools, lined up at dhs for help.. I am far from any of these stereotypes of a person receiving public assistance, I am employed full time and have been
—Guest Meagan

drug testing for Food stamps is a yes

I am currently an southeastern oklahoma state university student,I am currently drawling food stamps to help me get threw school. yes i am for drug testing people that drawl food stamps because why should those of us that do try be penalized. I don't drawl that much but, there are people that lie to the government about how much they make. why as a college student should i be treated this way when i am trying to get my education and better my self. WHen attending college inorder to drawl food stamps you half to do 20hrs a week at some job. why not just focus on our education and get off the food stamps rather than running our buts off for less than a $100 dollars a month? there are so many people that can really use the help but are turned down just because they make a few more dollars than they should. the system was built to help people not enable drug addictions and other things. I think that this problem should be took in consideration. The system was built to help those in need.
—Guest jennifer roberts

What would we do without assistance?

I have read all these responses and everybody has a valid point. Here is something to think about...What would we do if we didn't even have assistance? I guarantee people would make it work. I agree 100% that people need to be drugged test for any kind of assistance needed. There are really good people that just need some help while the others are taking advantage of the system and making it hard for the ones that deserve it. I am a single mother of 2 that has had to have help in the past. I did get approved. But once I got approved I thought about what I really needed and what I could give up to feed my kids. Priorities came first. No cell phone, no cable, no internet service, anything that was not important in life was given up. Life was not fun, but I did feed my kids after I got off assistance. It's up to you to make it worth. If it means 2 jobs, collecting cans, any side jobs. People can do it without assistance, its up to you and your motivation to do it.
—Guest Tonya

don't understand

my sons a private in army with wife and 2 kids. and they can;t put food on there table.if it wasn't for me and my husband they would go hungry. i'm taking care of my 72 yr old mother in law my 16 yr old 23 year old husband son his wife and 2 kids.i don't know how i can keep doing this but i won't let my kids or grand babies go hungry. its a shame goverment can't help young soldiers who put there lives on line for their country. we can give thousands of dollors to feed other country's but can't help our elderly,young kids, and soidiers. this year will be sad hope we can afford to get kids toys and food for christmas.
—Guest julia




Erica, you are wrong about food stamps recipients doing drugs. Florida tested their recipients and found less than3% tested positive for any drugs.
—Guest Chuck

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Food Stamp Stories and Tips

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