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Readers Respond: Food Stamp Stories and Tips

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From the article: Oklahoma Food Stamps
The number of Oklahomans enrolled in the Oklahoma Food Stamp program continues to rise. Are you on Food Stamps in Oklahoma? Share your story and any tips you might have on the Oklahoma Food Stamp program.


As a taxpayer, nothing incenses me more than my tax dollars going to illegal aliens when Americans are having such a difficult time. Sickens me!
—Guest Taxed Enough Already

.. Tell it like it is

First off Amber have some Compassion , obviously youve never had to deal with a major medical struggle such as cancer and the effects it takes on a Family emotionally and financially.. Addisson.. You MUST be young and ignorant to how the financial system works because you DO pay taxes on what you are paid out from unemployment just like you are still working and also like the other man said.. Depending on age you have no idea how long that person has been paying federal taxes and social security , which the majority of us are not paying in for ourselves but rather the previous generation as of now and will most likely not see much of it 20-30 years from now.. No the system is not right in basing what we have to feed our families and shelter them, based on gross income. No , we are not all trashy, poor, ignorant, nor drug addicted fools, lined up at dhs for help.. I am far from any of these stereotypes of a person receiving public assistance, I am employed full time and have been
—Guest Meagan

drug testing for Food stamps is a yes

I am currently an southeastern oklahoma state university student,I am currently drawling food stamps to help me get threw school. yes i am for drug testing people that drawl food stamps because why should those of us that do try be penalized. I don't drawl that much but, there are people that lie to the government about how much they make. why as a college student should i be treated this way when i am trying to get my education and better my self. WHen attending college inorder to drawl food stamps you half to do 20hrs a week at some job. why not just focus on our education and get off the food stamps rather than running our buts off for less than a $100 dollars a month? there are so many people that can really use the help but are turned down just because they make a few more dollars than they should. the system was built to help people not enable drug addictions and other things. I think that this problem should be took in consideration. The system was built to help those in need.
—Guest jennifer roberts

What would we do without assistance?

I have read all these responses and everybody has a valid point. Here is something to think about...What would we do if we didn't even have assistance? I guarantee people would make it work. I agree 100% that people need to be drugged test for any kind of assistance needed. There are really good people that just need some help while the others are taking advantage of the system and making it hard for the ones that deserve it. I am a single mother of 2 that has had to have help in the past. I did get approved. But once I got approved I thought about what I really needed and what I could give up to feed my kids. Priorities came first. No cell phone, no cable, no internet service, anything that was not important in life was given up. Life was not fun, but I did feed my kids after I got off assistance. It's up to you to make it worth. If it means 2 jobs, collecting cans, any side jobs. People can do it without assistance, its up to you and your motivation to do it.
—Guest Tonya

don't understand

my sons a private in army with wife and 2 kids. and they can;t put food on there table.if it wasn't for me and my husband they would go hungry. i'm taking care of my 72 yr old mother in law my 16 yr old 23 year old husband son his wife and 2 kids.i don't know how i can keep doing this but i won't let my kids or grand babies go hungry. its a shame goverment can't help young soldiers who put there lives on line for their country. we can give thousands of dollors to feed other country's but can't help our elderly,young kids, and soidiers. this year will be sad hope we can afford to get kids toys and food for christmas.
—Guest julia




Erica, you are wrong about food stamps recipients doing drugs. Florida tested their recipients and found less than3% tested positive for any drugs.
—Guest Chuck


Sue- Maybe you can't get a job because your spelling and grammer suck!!!! And for the record your not the only one having a hard time finding a job! I'm 23 yrs old with two kids and going to school full time. Found a job that only gets me 6hrs per week. Looking for another one. It's hard! And no one is hiring!! I have excellent references AND a solid work history! My husband is working full time. But we are still struggling to make ends meet. It's a sign of the times. Some people just need a helping hand once in a while. But I do know there are people who abuse it. You need to learn to not paint everyone with the same brush! You don't know their story!
—Guest Betty Lou

a shame

I am sorry we are all struggling for food-when it is suppose to be the last thing we should be struggling for. This is the worst state for everything, public transit sucks, and asisstance apparently. I have been on food stamps before in an another state. I am not here, but still feel the need to be on them, am thankful for family helping me out, Food asisstance was a blessing when I needed it. What appalls me is the people that try to sell their food stamps for money (very illegal) and I am sure thats what some of those that got them are doing


Iv been working and going to school for two years. Im 26 and never received assistance. I drive a 1999 car no car payment and im 5 months pregnant. After i get paid and pay my rent gas car ins phone bill and electricity i have 60 for food til my next disappointing check. Im trying to do better for myself by going to school but the only way i cn get ahead is to quit my job so the gov cn help me. Its sad this is the answer but my only other option is to get two jobs and quit school then ill be stuck in lower class forever
—Guest danielle

You're mad at a program?

I've read the responses from a few of you and think that you've all got the wrong idea. You're mad at the FS program instead of the people who make the rules for the program. I'm on FS, (I'm disabled for 4 years) and I know how hard it was to prove I qualified. My sister is a single mom working full time and still unable to make all ends meet but they tell her she doesn't qualify either. We the People allow them to set the rules, so we have to live by them. We all know this is america, and the rules have never been fair to all people. Either step up and speak up. Or sit down and cry about it at your computer.
—Guest Lori

My Situation

My husband is a police officer and I am a 911 dispatcher. We are a family of 6 and we make to much for food stamps. Our yearly income combined is only 30,000. The point is people who have both adults in the house working and trying to be productive citizens are just getting sh*t on. In the mean time people are lying to get on them so they can sit on thier a$$es at home and deal/do drugs. One way to help people who are trying to be productive but still need help is for them to start doing drug testing every month before you can recieve your benifits. There is so many people who would be kicked off the program and the people who barely make to much to get them will be able to. With all of the people who are getting kicked off they will be able to afford the drug testing also. Addison and Amber, obviously you two have either never had to ask for assistance (which is very difficult to do for some people) or you two are the ones who are lying, doing, or dealing drugs to get on food
—Guest Erica

Stop blaming each other

I would like to say that Jeffs, and my tax dollars did help pay her income when we had jobs . Plus i would like to state that you still have to pay taxes on unemployment . Plus i have paid taxes all my life in case i lose my job so i could get unemployment . I am looking for a job right now and it is hard to find a job to support a family of four. Have you looked for a job lately Addison? Mabey you should try supporting a family of four. Its not like i ask to lose my job of 7 years and become a unproductive citizen. Foodstamps could really help my family right now but i make 75.00 dollars to much. So who is the ignorant one now. I have had a job since i was 16 years old so i have help pay that workers salary 14 years now. How long have you helped pay her salary? The economy sucks and we shouldnt be blameing each other we should be blaming the banks and the goverment for pushing us deeper in debt. Put yourself in his shoes for a moment and she laughed at you when you were trying to get
—Guest Bob


For Jeff’s previous comment, you said “which by the way I might add, that my tax dollars pay her salary and this program.” Are you that ignorant? You said you were on un-employment what tax dollars are you paying in for her salary? I find it very humorous that people on welfare try to say things like “my tax dollars pay for your salary!” Oh really? Well maybe if you were a productive citizen earning an income besides from the government then yes, you would be paying her salary.
—Guest Addison

Turned down!

I have 3 kids am unemployed and lost my house and both of my cars. I was turned down because my husband made $106 to much a month!!! Try to find a rent house for under $850 thats not in the slums, they dont go by net but by gross income which is wrong. Is $106 enough to feed a family of 5 for a month? My rent takes almost half of my monthly income than there are utilities, gas, insurance both car and health and none of this is taken into account. I believe they should subtract all bills from your NET and see if what is left over is enough to feed your family for a month.
—Guest Michelle

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