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Readers Respond: My Favorite Place to Buy Groceries in OKC is...

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What is your favorite Oklahoma City grocery store? Why do you like it so much? Why is it better than the others? Share your Oklahoma City grocery store review, opinions and shopping tips with other residents.

Homeland (33rd & Broadway Edmond)

The Homeland Store on 33rd & Broadway in Edmond has everything! Best selection of meat, produce, bakery goods and their deli has thee best fried chicken in town!!
—Guest Max Smith

Boycott Crest Foods in Oklahoma!

My wife and I would like to kindly ask our family and friends to boycott Crest Foods in Oklahoma. We finally met with the owner and three other people in his office today for a meeting we had had scheduled for about two weeks. Not only did the owner not deny being a slave driver with his employees, but the four people there were impolite to us to varying degrees about an incident that was very embarrassing to my wife and kids.


When it comes to buying crackers, bread, eggs, milk and canned foods, then Aldi's has the best prices. However, their meat selection isn't worthwhile.

Buy 4 Less, Portland at NW Expressway

The deli is fantastic. Since I rarely cook, I like to do almost all my "grocery" shopping in their deli. It's the best of both worlds--the benefits and variety of home-cooked without the cost of eating out. For someone single, like me, it can be cheaper than cooking--especially if you consider perishables. If I buy fresh veggies, for instance, I may use one piece and the rest goes to rot. An interesting perk of this store is the in-store entertainment. At various times I have seen: a Will Rogers lookalike human statue, a magician, a caricaturist doing free drawings, live music (not so great), and free cooking classes. The deli also has taster items on weekends.
—Guest Beverly

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