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Readers Respond: Black Friday Shopping Tips & Opinions

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Do you brave the crowds to go shopping on Black Friday in Oklahoma City? Why or Why not? Share your thoughts on Black Friday shopping, offer your tips on surviving the day, and tell us where to go for the best specials and deals in Oklahoma City. Shop on Black Friday?


rhondas exactly right. its really fun – almost like a game. i go early, early every year and feel great when i get some good deals. plus i need to save every dollar i can.
—Guest sarah

Can be a lot of fun

As long as you understand 1) you’re not going to get everything you want and 2) people are crazy, Black Friday can be a lot of fun. I’ve been doing it for about 10 years now and its a great place to people watch and get a good jump on your holiday shopping.
—Guest Rhonda

absolutely not

i figure it is worth paying whatever amount i would save (and even that part is debatable) to avoid that mess.
—Guest gerald

Shop on Black Friday?

Black Friday Shopping Tips & Opinions

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