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Readers Respond: Oklahoma City Romantic Restaurant Suggestions

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Do you have a favorite romantic restaurant in Oklahoma City, a perfect place for special occasions, anniversaries or even that all-important first date? Share your suggestions with Oklahoma City residents on the best place to go for a romantic experience.

For our anniversary/Valentine's Day

I would love to go to any one of these fantastic and very romantic restaurants with my love. I have never been to or heard of most of these locations and it is nice to try new places.
—Guest Sallye

Michael's Grill

I agree with you guest Lauren. I love that place..... Michael is such a charismatic guy.
—Guest Mrs. Lirio Johnson

My last romantic restaurant date

RedPrime! It's urban and has a classy menu like Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes, Wild Mushrooms, and Quail. The prime rib is 'to die for.' The lighting is low and gives an overall ambience of a cozy restaurant you might find in Beverly Hills or NYC. A bit pricey but worth the experience.
—Guest Sharlettem

Michael's Grill

Michael's Grill in NW OKC is fantastic for a special date, my absolutely favorite. I read the review on this site and he agrees with me, so I'm not sure why it's not on the list.
—Guest Lauren

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