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Readers Respond: Sound Off on the 2013 Bedlam Football Game

Responses: 44


The 2013 Bedlam football game is here. What are your thoughts on the game, and who do you think will win? Give your opinions on the 2013 Bedlam football game. Who will win and why?


I don't know. WHen it's time for this game, I root for the one who will take us to the highest in the polls cause I like both football teams in my home state okla.
—Guest peggy

OU wins!!!

When it came down to it OSU just couldn't stop our invincible belldozer
—Guest Boomer Sooner


Better run game and they have a hell of a passing game in OSU sucks in stills is a asome catcher
—Guest trey snyder

oklahoma sooners

OU has this we have a better team and OSU just plain out sucks
—Guest nikki dawn

Just Better

Face it; OU just has, over-all, a better team than OSU.
—Guest Meli Jegasini

Sooner Wally

Be serious! The Pokes are a good team but...there out of their class in the 2012 Bedlam game. There is just to much fan enthusiasm and a better defence for the Pokes to compete this time!
—Guest Wally


if you havent noticed OSU fans we lost to kstate by 5 and you lost to them by 15. Last year was the first in 9 years that you beat us. And you lost to texas and we veat them by 40 so i beg to differ tht you will win. O and look at the standings who is in second and who is in fourth?
—Guest Sonner KID

bedlam 2012

Ou definitely!! Osu sucks and its in Norman so there'll be more ou support. I think the score will be ou 92 osu 2.
—Guest Boomersooner

Remember Last Year ?

Remember ND ? remember K. St. ? You'll remember 2012 as well ! Go Pokes !!
—Guest Oran Cha


If OU can control the run, we should win comfortably. THE match up will be Sooner defensive front 7 (or 6 or whatever) against Cowboy O Line.
—Guest webworm

Cowboy Up!

One thing I have noticed over my last 57 years. Where are all the OU fans that actually attended this tea sipping school? Typical OSU fans actually attended school at Oklahoma State. Typical OU fans never actually attended school at OU. Landy Jones is a wimp and will fold up again like the always does when he gets pressure. Sorry OU fans just telling it like it is. O-State rules again this year due to good ol Landry Jones. We are sure glad he came back for another year!
—Guest Frank Eaton


I was just wondering OSU fans how did it feel to watch the national championship on your tv? LSU or Alabama would beat LSU like there little brother and then stole your lunch money! Good luck next yr NOT!! BOOMERS SOONER!!!!
—Guest boomer!

OU Choked

I don't see ou fans on here talking now. And if any of you didn't see the game 44-10 Go Pokes! Have fun in the holiday bowl ou
—Guest Orange Power


well "macy" just proved sooners are the better team!! claiming ou fans hide behind our VICTORIES!! why hide? were very proud of our victories over osu!!
—Guest tori

come on cowboys

Everyone knows the sooner have won more bedlam games but with 2 of their star players out I doubt they will win my guess is ou 42 cowboys 69 and total yards ou 252 cowboys 469
—Guest adan

Who will win and why?

Sound Off on the 2013 Bedlam Football Game

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