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Readers Respond: Do You Love or Hate Living in Oklahoma City?

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From the article: I Love Oklahoma City
Many Oklahoma City residents absolutely love living here while others do so only out of necessity, always reminded of the metro's negative qualities. What about you? Tell us whether you love or hate living in Oklahoma City and why. Tell Us How You Feel

not the best

I just finished a two week business trip in okc. In general, I find people courteous, but a little close minded and, alarmingly, not very environmental. I've seen more Styrofoam and half ton trucks than any other place I've visited. Downtown would benefit from some color or art. Quite drab.
—Guest Denverite

Not for everyone but great for some

OKC has a unique culture compared to other cities its size. People on the coasts will say its no culture at all but there is a very real culture that a lot of people love. Living in OKC is a lot more like living in "any small town USA" than it is a real city, with the exception of Thunder basketball. The pace of life is slower, more focused on family and church. Its about as unpretentious as you can get and there is something called the "Oklahoma Standard." It is my belief that one must "get" the culture to be happy in OKC. If you don't, you will be miserable. I have been here two miserable years and understand the culture but it isn't me so I will be trying to relocate as soon as I can. If the culture isn't you, this place will literally suck your soul out. If it is, i.e. you are a born and bred Okie or an Okie at heart, then I can't think of a better place to live and raise your family. It has a stellar economy and job market and low cost of living.
—Guest Brian

Moving North As Soon As I can.

OKC is a misirible place to live. Okies make a big deal out of this states supposidly low taxes but the taxes are only low if you are a business. Sales tax here is right up there with New York City and they even collect sales taxes on food and medicine. A working person would save thousands moving to another state. Renting here is terrible because there is no laws protecting renters so landlords are a nightmare and forget about your security deposit, they don't have to give it back and they never do. Oklahoma has the ugliest women ever. You will rarely see a woman out of her teens that is not at least 200lbs over weight. There are practically no parks here and the ones they do have are small, poorly maintained and uninteresting. The national avarage for parkland in a state is 10%, Oklahoma is 2% parks and it shows. Okies mostly sit and watch TV, mostly sports and becoming grossly fat is the state hobby.
—Guest Pariah

Oklahoma is the best

I love Ok. It is the best place on this earth. I luv Ok
—Guest Sara

Devils Armpit

Born here raised here. Want nothing more than to get away. Weather doesnt permit much outdoor activity. Not that there is much to even look at. Lots of bugs, mud, and filthy polluted rivers. The people claim to be christians but have no tolerance which is supposed to be part of their religion. Hypocrites. Few people here even speak proper english, which isnt too surprising with the horrible education system. Plenty of meth, pedophiles, and murderers as well. I have been too several states and easily regard oklahoma as the worse.
—Guest Josh

Living in Oklahoma City

I have been here for 5 years I have worked really hard to be positive. I Ride a bike honked off the road constantly by adults –get on the side walk! If you walk they think your homeless so be prepared to be told where the nearest soup kitchen is. If you are homeless this is a great state they will treat you better then the working class that pay taxes and struggle to keep food on the table. People have an undertone of rudeness without being rude it’s twisted. I have been called a Yankee. Was that not a long time ago? STOP racism and people of diversity stand up! There is a separation of class and race that is dame evident. Foreign poor countries have more open diversity and culture has nothing to do with education more to do with what your exposure has been self education is just as powerful do your research on the most amazing people in US history. The Government disorganized & play dirty and they can’t separate church from state so if you fake that your part of a church
—Guest buisness owner

oklahoma needs help

Oklahoma city can be a really good state to live in however oklahoma is a dump. The city here has no feel to bring in better jobs and better homes and the economic system is ok but how can you raise the prices of everything but there is no raises. Number two thing is. If oklahoma wants to be a big city and have the basketball and football and tourism then they need to stop being scared open up more things to do especially for the kids. You cant be a big city with a little town feel and little town entertainment. The city will never grow that way people will come and always leave
—Guest been here for years

I Love OKC

Hello. My name is Sylvia Terrain & I was born and raised in Texas. I lived there for 24 years w/ my three kids (12,16,13) and we all absolutely hated it & were extremely excited to move! When I was 25 we moved to a two-story house in OKC. All of the neighbors instantly welcomed us, and my children quickly made new friends. Everything is close to us, so I didn't have to worry about driving long distances and wasting gas. And unlike Texas, I didn't have to worry about criminals everywhere. My children & I, along with my husband, all felt extremely safe and still do until this day. There's lots of things to do also. Rock climbing, snow gliding, Brick Town, the mall, rodeos, zoos, onimalplex, and lots of restaurants. Plus, Oklahoma is extremely diverse. More diverse than Texas. Moving to OKC was literally the best decision my family has ever made! I suggest OKC to anyone with a family, and that like privacy & friendliness.
—Guest Sylvia Terrain

oklahoma isn't idea

the only thing that allows me to come back and visit is the fact that I have relatives here. Anyway there is a decent size international population in OKC. You gotta get away from the edmound people and the paseo folks can be even worse. Anyway this state sucks, but in OKC there are places like zamzam that offer a good oasis of escape. Some places have belly dancing, etc. Anyway if you are use to an active lifestyle oklahoma is not the place for you okc is not the city for you. It very much forces the image of a sedentary lifestyle, and the youth have very little things for them to do, anytime something is catered to them it is swiftly banished. oklahoma is not a place for the young. If you here leave. Also I've been to all the states in the US and lived in 10 different countries. Oklahoma city do have some interesting people, but they're well hidden in enclaves.
—Guest kaz

Love it

I've lived in many places (NYC,LA, and Orlando) and Oklahoma city is by-far the best place to live. The only problem I've had is the weather. We had 2 earthquakes, some tornadoes, hail and flooding all in 1 day. The people couldn't be nicer. You wouldn't believe the amount Of neighbors willing to show me around when I first moved here. I think people could be wiser about their politicians though.
—Guest Brett

Sooner State

I know why its called the Sooner State... The Sooner I get the heck outta here, the better!!! any outdoor activity is 2 hours away! Unles you like the dirty, red lakes that are close to OKC. A few small pockets of culture, mostly all red-necks. Add the terrible weather, super hot summers, ice cold winters, and wind all the time!!! it never stops blowing! a stiff 20 mph wind is a calm day.
—Guest D David B

I love Oklahoma

I live in oklahoma and some comments made about it I feel obligated to defend. The people here are very very friendly! Though our humor can range from overly forward and can sometimes be catorgorized as rude but thats how we are! We feel comfortable just about anywhere and with everyone so we don't really filter ourselves. We are very poliet though, please and thank you are used often. There isn't much to do out here. Movies, parties, and going to the lake is what teenagers my age do. Unfortunately under aged drinking is very bad and the parents normally don't care and hand their kids beers. We eat really good here. Steak is always for dinner at least once a week. Chicken, potatoes, corn etc yum! And you'll find at at the minimum of 3 churches on each block. We are in the bible belt. Baptist is the dominate religion. The people are open, hilarious, friendly, and goofy. Really a great place to grow up in. I feel blessed. I love Oklahoma
—Guest S.

OK has its strenghths and weaknesses

I feel obliged to defend Oklahoma against some of the claims here. I am from Denver, but moved to the suburbs of Oklahoma City almost ten years ago. I've found Oklahoma to be generally enjoyable, if you're the sort of functional person who works around your problems instead of griping and moaning about them. Many of the roads are deplorable, and so I re-route (usually, the bad roads are well out of the way). People here tend to be more than a bit on the right-wing side of things, so I choose to keep politics out of my conversations so as to avoid controversy. The weather bites, so I watch the news and take precautions. To make broad generalizations that people of ANY state are stupid and rude is to talk out of the side of one's neck, and I, for one, have been inspired by many intelligent people around me, as well as the state itself, and am reaping the rewards for it every day. But don't take my word for it. To know just how Oklahoma is, you're going to have to go and see it.

Job stuck me in OK

My job has taken me many places, and has given me a lot to bump my comparison off of. By and far the worst drivers and roads I have seen; the only time I experience a good driver, is when they have an out-of-state license plate. I dread leaving the house. The off ramps are a grab bag mess, and the road quality is worthy of a low-income neighborhood. The housing market is cheap, but the houses are also built that way: cheap. The people are rude, but if you get an out-of-stater then they'll be really nice. If the city didn't have OU, then it would have nothing at all; the funny thing about that is: OU is in Norman, nearly an hour away. It's sad when you're recreation council only promotes "OK Road Trips" because there is so little to do, not only in OKC, but in OK period that you have to take a 2.5 to 3 hour road trip to do it. The weather is decent, minus the hail, severe lightning, and tornadoes. I enjoy the clean rain, but not the allergen thick air. Bible thumping politics. Peaceful
—Guest Nate

What a joke.

I was born, raised and educated (M.A. Degree) in Oklahoma; however, I have lived other places throughout the United States and found Oklahoma to be as backward as most of the claims on here. The politics, starting with city government on up to legislative, is run on the “Good Old Boy” theory as well as the job opportunities. Even such places as Tinker AFB, FAA, and other government offices here in Oklahoma have so many relatives working at the same place. It is not what you know, but who you know. The City of Oklahoma City and Oklahoma County have extreme taxes, including property taxes, they go up every year. The people are mostly rude, and I hate the so called “conservative” stance. Most of these people are truly “Sunday Morning Christians” who can be found during the week at local strip clubs, or other shady places, this includes the so called leaders. There is very little culture and even less places to visit. Downtown Oklahoma City was built using the MAP program. Another joke! R
—Guest Kathy

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