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Readers Respond: Do You Love or Hate Living in Oklahoma City?

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From the article: I Love Oklahoma City
Many Oklahoma City residents absolutely love living here while others do so only out of necessity, always reminded of the metro's negative qualities. What about you? Tell us whether you love or hate living in Oklahoma City and why. Tell Us How You Feel

Oklahoma is the best

I love Ok. It is the best place on this earth. I luv Ok
—Guest Sara

Devils Armpit

Born here raised here. Want nothing more than to get away. Weather doesnt permit much outdoor activity. Not that there is much to even look at. Lots of bugs, mud, and filthy polluted rivers. The people claim to be christians but have no tolerance which is supposed to be part of their religion. Hypocrites. Few people here even speak proper english, which isnt too surprising with the horrible education system. Plenty of meth, pedophiles, and murderers as well. I have been too several states and easily regard oklahoma as the worse.
—Guest Josh


Nice people until you mention your from back east. Then they look at you like you were the devil incarnate!
—Guest Dutchy

oklahoma is the best

IDK why people be dissing Oklahoma. We aren't all obese. If people want something to do go outside and play football or a sport. We have plenty to do. IF ya'll don't like our state the pack yawl's bags and hit the road. Oklahoma is a beautiful state. It is one of the better state that i have been to. I was born her and have lived her. Oklahoma has some of the best people you'l ever meet.
—Guest JTL

Small towns in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has many small towns that are great for families. They are clean, and have great reasterauns. Sure we are not the big cities or have a lot of fun places. Oklahoma has great schools. And if you move out of town it is perfect for you if you want the piece and quit.
—Guest paco

Some will love, some will hate

I've lived here all of my life and always wanted to leave, but was never able to find another place I was willing to tolerate. I know several people who have moved here from Boston, Baltimore, Los Angeles, etc, and have no intentions of leaving-- they love it here. Good luck finding an antheist or agnostic friend. Not everyone is conservative and closed-minded as you think. I've had NO problem finding friends, co-workers, etc, who are as open-minded and non-Bible thumping as I am. I'd say OKC is "comfortable". Yes, there are more thigns to do in other big cities, but they're things you have to spend $$ on. If you're looking for adventure, move to Colorado. I always thought I wanted to live in LA or NYC, but each time I've been to a city like one of those, I couldn't wait to get back to OK for the clean air, the SPACE, and non-congestion.
—Guest Mel

Oklahoma: Good and Bad

Depending on what you're looking for, OK can be either great or terrible. Low cost of living & relatively "safe" compared to most large cities. OKC is flat, but other parts of Oklahoma are really beautiful, especially to the east. Lots of lakes and wonderful state parks in OK. Very nice people. Traffic is getting worse, but nowhere near the level of Dallas, Houston, or LA. CLEAN- been to LA, San Fran, NYC, etc...OKC is way cleaner than these cities. Lots of hidden gems in OKC. You can enjoy the simple things here- big city but somewhat slow paced, w/ the ability to see the sun, moon & stars (never saw those wile in NYC). Sporting events- Go Pokes and go Thunder! Education is bad overall, but there are really good schools here & I think it's a nice place to raise a family. Low unemployment rate. The bad: unpredictable weather, ALWAYS windy. Lots of obesity. HORRIBLE roads. High poverty rate, teen pregnancy rate, divorce rate, etc. Can be boring w/ not a lot of culture/arts.
—Guest McCall

A Closer Look

Come on, folks! Every large city has pockets of "urban blight"! Sure, Oklahoma does not have palm trees and beaches unless you count the lake-front beaches. Yes, our weather can be trying at times, but I can tell you I have lived in Alaska, Germany, California and Pennsylvania and found good and bad in all of those places. It's all about making the effort to get out and meet new people and see new places. When we lived in other parts of the globe, I would take my children "exploring" at least once a week to learn about my new town. Fun!! It's amazing what you can find when you go sightseeing with an open mind! Go to TravelOK.com and just look at all the wonderful events and places you can enjoy! Trash? Our trash trucks are covered, but the trash escaping is from our businesses and residents who do not bag their trash--we're working on that! Dumb people? Did you know that many U.S. citizens come to Oklahoma for the outstanding medical care? Take a closer look, y'all!
—Guest Linda

i like okc

This city is my favorite. i feel so comfortable here. i've been all over and i must say okc area is a great city to live in.
—Guest ubermike

Uhhhm.. eww.

You gotta love the horrid stench that permeates from the dump right off of I-240 in S okc right by the ghost town of a building once known as crossroads mall.. brilliant planning that was.
—Guest Alex

Oklahoma Needs To Clean Up Their Trash

I have only seen one city as dirty as OKC and that is Las Vegas. There is trash every where. I would have never moved here if I knew this. From the time you enter any border to the time you leave it is nothing but garbage. The lakes are polluted, my husband is a fisherman and will not fish in the water because of the trash - it is every where. There are no covers on the garbage trucks and no fines for polluting. OK you are killing yourself and your kids I am just glad we have the option to move. Legislation needs to happen in OKC. It truly is sad, and unhealthy. Oh and they don't think putting storm shelters in their schools are important even though the tornadoes took out an entire school - nice.
—Guest Sonny Bruster


I'm going to be moving to Sparks Oklahoma in two weeks I'm leaving Cali. after living here In Cali all my life 44yr i'm praying this move is going to be the right thing for my family & I. after reading some of the post on here I'm not sure if it's bad or good there??

Just wanna know

I am soo not gonna hate on OKC I mean look at their basketball team lol. But for real I just wanna know about it. If you listen to all the people who talk crap about Houston, they literally have never been to so many sides of Houston, it's really sad cuz they judge off of the little they know. I am pretty sure OKC is not as bad as everyone makes it seem.
—Guest Houstonian4life


I lived in Del City and on the Southside Southside. It was rough and I gotta single moms and we was in poverty until I was 9.. I lost friends to drug related murder and I know people in Los locos and Latino Blood Sects. But the majority of OKC is nice and I love the culture. It's a giant small town.. A nice blend. But my hoods need help
—Guest Trysten

Born and raised in okc now in Florida

I lived in okc for 18 years. After I graduated from high school I moved to Pensacola Florida now I am 38. I can honestly say that people from Oklahoma are very sweet loving people until you push our buttons a little to far. I'm educated and successful. The city has a lot to offer there and is growing. I live in Florida 15 minutes from some of the whitest prettiest beaches in the world. The main reason I don't live in okc is because of the cold weather and I love being by the ocean and beach nothing to do with not liking Oklahoma. I have lived in Seattle, Dallas, Florida, and Illinois you want to talk about rude and nothing to do go to Illinois. Just saying I'm an okie born and raised who happens to love the beach.
—Guest Danielle smith

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