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Readers Respond: Do You Love or Hate Living in Oklahoma City?

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From the article: I Love Oklahoma City
Many Oklahoma City residents absolutely love living here while others do so only out of necessity, always reminded of the metro's negative qualities. What about you? Tell us whether you love or hate living in Oklahoma City and why. Tell Us How You Feel

Uhhhm.. eww.

You gotta love the horrid stench that permeates from the dump right off of I-240 in S okc right by the ghost town of a building once known as crossroads mall.. brilliant planning that was.
—Guest Alex

Oklahoma Needs To Clean Up Their Trash

I have only seen one city as dirty as OKC and that is Las Vegas. There is trash every where. I would have never moved here if I knew this. From the time you enter any border to the time you leave it is nothing but garbage. The lakes are polluted, my husband is a fisherman and will not fish in the water because of the trash - it is every where. There are no covers on the garbage trucks and no fines for polluting. OK you are killing yourself and your kids I am just glad we have the option to move. Legislation needs to happen in OKC. It truly is sad, and unhealthy. Oh and they don't think putting storm shelters in their schools are important even though the tornadoes took out an entire school - nice.
—Guest Sonny Bruster


I'm going to be moving to Sparks Oklahoma in two weeks I'm leaving Cali. after living here In Cali all my life 44yr i'm praying this move is going to be the right thing for my family & I. after reading some of the post on here I'm not sure if it's bad or good there??

Just wanna know

I am soo not gonna hate on OKC I mean look at their basketball team lol. But for real I just wanna know about it. If you listen to all the people who talk crap about Houston, they literally have never been to so many sides of Houston, it's really sad cuz they judge off of the little they know. I am pretty sure OKC is not as bad as everyone makes it seem.
—Guest Houstonian4life


I lived in Del City and on the Southside Southside. It was rough and I gotta single moms and we was in poverty until I was 9.. I lost friends to drug related murder and I know people in Los locos and Latino Blood Sects. But the majority of OKC is nice and I love the culture. It's a giant small town.. A nice blend. But my hoods need help
—Guest Trysten

Born and raised in okc now in Florida

I lived in okc for 18 years. After I graduated from high school I moved to Pensacola Florida now I am 38. I can honestly say that people from Oklahoma are very sweet loving people until you push our buttons a little to far. I'm educated and successful. The city has a lot to offer there and is growing. I live in Florida 15 minutes from some of the whitest prettiest beaches in the world. The main reason I don't live in okc is because of the cold weather and I love being by the ocean and beach nothing to do with not liking Oklahoma. I have lived in Seattle, Dallas, Florida, and Illinois you want to talk about rude and nothing to do go to Illinois. Just saying I'm an okie born and raised who happens to love the beach.
—Guest Danielle smith


I have grown up in okc and I've seen a lot of changes but what bothers me the most is its not a small city anymore just to many people traffic sucks and if you want to do anything on the weekends forget about it you will have to stand in line for anything I used to live in a small town and its not now building houses all over the place people need to go back were they came from
—Guest Jd

Never felt like this before

I've lived in lots of places, and I just liked them all. I used to make fun of the people who would complain and say 'I can't wait to move outta here'. I've been here 5 years, and for the first time in my life, I just can't stand where I live. OKC is basically small town with 1.5 million people, and I can't wait to move outta here
—Guest Marvin

über red state..oil.progressing

First, Fallin is the governor. Must I go on? I love/hate this place. Being from here but living many places I feel like I hate it on many days if I have been here too long. I miss it when I'm away. I most miss friends and family, but in no way miss the city. So many Oil people it's hard to talk to anyone out here or go to a party with our talking about leasing and politics. It's a red state. I'm not that. Food is pretty mediocre. Usually a disappointment. Good grocery stores. Mostly friendly people here! That's for sure. Republicans and less government involvement..isnt that what conservatives say? I feel scared here. Like I'll be pulled over and thrown in jail for a beer I drank the day before.
—Guest Deed

Loved it on the way to Ohio

We drove across the Country from Los Angeles to Ohio. My family and I agree that Oklahoma was the friendliest and most comfortable state that we visited. We thought it was a pretty state and the people were helpful and kind.
—Guest Victoria

I Plan on Staying. My Whole Life.

I was born in Oklahoma, and have lived in the same house for my entire life. (I am currently 16.) I have seen people on here complain about pretty much everything that goes on here, but it's really quite great. They say we're uneducated: Well, maybe it's because I'm homeschooled, but everyone I meet seems to be rather intelligent. They say we don't have anything to do: You're obviously not looking very hard. By the way, every last girl here is absolutely beautiful. My friends that moved here from Wisconsin constantly comment about them. The taxes are low. Cost of living is low. We have the Thunder. We have low(er) gas prices. You're free to homeschool if you want to without (very many, if any) hoops to jump through. Very large job market. The people very nice. And don't act like I haven't seen anything. I've been around the US many times, and I prefer OKC to any other place I've been. We're not hicks, and if you're that stereotypical, you don't probably don't belong here anyway.
—Guest Jonathan

Worst city ever

Lived in many cities and never actually disliked one so much. The city is dirty with terrible roads that just torture your car. the city is lifeless unless you love being indoors. for outdoor lovers you will 100% be miserable here there is nothing fun to do outside and it's usually too hot and sticky anyways... and ugly.. The low cost of living and great opportunity here but nobody seems to be chasing the dream just doing bare minimum they can or wasting themselves away with drugs and alcohol.
—Guest Amy


oklahoma city is awful. its always hot and the humidity makes it worst. there are tornadoes. the people are dumb. the roads are bad. its very dull. im moving back to california asap.!
—Guest Max

Okc is moving forward

Okc is a growing city.You have to remember this is a young city.Is it to right wing? Yes it is, but the people of okc will help you if you need help.Is there more to do in LA yes there is;however,not everyone is trying to hustle you. I have lived in other cities in the USA and I am not going to say that okc is the best. I would like to say I like living here, because I am a positive person and can enjoy life no matter where I am. I would like you to know that not all Okies are right wing nut jobs. My wife and I are both closer to the left and we both have higher education. This is like most cities of have and have nots and it does take less to become a have then most cities. If you like the out doors okc as trails. You just need to look for them and you are only 1to 2 hours away form natural, lakes rivers, sand dunes, and wooded areas. If you are more positive then negative you will enjoy life more.
—Guest Sean

Love Oklahoma

I was born and raised on a farm in the southwestern part of Oklahoma. After high school I went off to college and then into the Air Force. After leaving the Air Force I moved to California and lived there for the next 20 years or so. I liked some things in California but hated some things. I moved back to Oklahoma city about 10 years ago and after moving here remembered what it was like to be around friendly people and people with some morals, didn't have that in California. Also some on here complain about the politics, well if you look at it, jobs are growing, the ecomony is in good shape, not so in the liberal states now is it. There is a lot to do from outdoors to art to musical shows to the night clubs to the casino's (lots of them) So yes I love oklahoma and plane on retiring here. I have lived and visited all over the world but never found a place I feel so much at home in as Oklahoma.
—Guest Robert

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