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Readers Respond: Do You Love or Hate Living in Oklahoma City?

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been here for 2 years

I'm from Tucson, Az. I've lived in San Diego, Orlando, Savannah, Phoenix, & been to Mexico & Europe. The only people who like it here are people who have lived here there entire lives. They don't know any better. It is boring & ugly. There are no mountains, forests, oceans & there lakes are brown & gross. People are polite but not open to anyone who is not like them. They are close-minded, ignorant & arrogant. The weather is often bad, so for an outdoor lover like myself it sucks. There are a lot of places to eat & strip malls. The schools in the surrounding areas of OKC are decent. There is a huge emphasis on sports. People here only know sports & church. I cannot wait to leave. It is the ugliest & most boring place I've ever lived.
—Guest momwhite

Loving OKC

I think OKC is a great place.. Here are the pro's: I love living here because I have family in Arkansas and I can easily get there via I-40. I love the thunderstorms in the spring (all year round sometimes), the people are generally friendly, there is a lot to do, the cost of living is VERY low and the pay is fairly high. CONS: the summers can be a bit HOT (though i've lived in the southwest for a long time), the tornado threat can be an issue, the public transportation lacks, the city has some blight areas which can detract from the overall OKC experience, and the COLD snaps in winter.. Overall, OKC is a great place. Sure it has negatives like any city, but overall, the city has a lot to offer and if you can deal with a few negatives, this can be a great place to be!
—Guest Dan

People are what make a city great

I was born and raised in OKC. I remember as a yound kid the days before the 1995 Murrah bombing and the ghost-town feel of downtown in the subsequent months and years. However, the city's resurgence with the epicenter at the downtown area has completely changed the city for the better. Bricktown alone makes it well worth a weekend visit back home. Friendly people, relatively strong economy despite the national recession, low cost of living, and fun social events throughout the city make it a great place in my opinion. Basically, if you want to enjoy living here, you absolutely can as long as you make an effort to do it. My heart has grown deeply for this city because of the unity I see in the people. Are there things that I wish were better? -- such as bicycle friendliness, walkability, public transportation, better inner city schools--of course. But it takes a community united to make change happen. And I am rooting for the people of OKC to rally for it as they do the Thunder
—Guest Steve


Oklahoma is the best. When I visit I have a blast!
—Guest Adelaide

The good, bad, and the ugly

Just like any place on this earth, Oklahoma has pros and cons: Pros: People are nice for the most part. Anywhere you go you will always run into rude people, but Oklahomans overall exihibit "small town charm" and hospitality. Easy to navigate. It is very hard to get lost in OKC. There are things to do and entertainment in OKC is steadily improving. There are mostly hole in the wall bars but areas like Bricktown, Western Avenue, and Classen Curve are more diverse for nightlife. Good vintage/antique stores all over the city. We don't have major stores like Saks or Urban Outfitters but in due time I believe we will. Cons: If you are a nature lover like myself, Oklahoma is lacking in many areas for outdoor activities. There are few parks in the city but if you venture to the eastern part of the state there are some beautiful areas to hike and camp. There are ignorant "rednecks" at every corner and people rarely speak proper English (as an English teacher this is a huge con for me).
—Guest Edie

Best City in America

I love Oklahoma City, it is a fairly large city with a small town feel. It is definitely my favorite place in america. I love going to thunder games and plan on living in oklahoma city after college. The people are so nice.
—Guest Josh

Lovin' OKC

I've lived in OKC 20+ years, raised a daughter, bought a few houses and always made money, had a great career, loved a couple of great men and plan on staying. It's an easy drive to Santa Fe, Dallas, KC, or flight outta here to anywhere you wish. Never felt like I was in hee haw hell and always loved my neighborhoods. They're beautiful, by the way, Beverly Hills has nothing on our mansions. They have the ocean while we have Lake Hefner. BUT, come on, Grand Lake, Lake Murray and some smaller ponds are very nice. I wouldn't trade our lakes for an oceanview in LA with all of their traffic for any amount of money. I'd run out of gas waiting for the traffic to clear. Yes, a lot of people I've known and loved in OKC have moved on-- Boston, Boulder, San Diego, LV, LA, FL and they'll never return to live but they grew up in OK and ALWAYS return. I'm a damn Yankee and I'll never go back...try Chicago for wind and cold. I can handle a few pesky tornadoes. You gotta love your peeps!
—Guest Paula


well i love oklahome i have lived here all my life there are some negitives about oklahoma and the really big one is SUMMER this summer of 2012 it has reached 115f very hot but i love the feel of oklahoma its a good state we have alot of coutry land and fields but we have cities and towns as well i know when u think of Ok u think of fields and stuff but if u move here im sure u will enjoy after u get used to the heat lol
—Guest abby

OK is Awful.

The summertime in OK is like living in HELL. Last year is was over 100 degrees for more than 50 days straight. It negates anything good about this state, which isn't much to begin with. You can't have any kind of pretty trees in the yard, because the searing summer heat destroys them all. And don't forget the mile-wide tornadoes! I lived there a long time and was so glad to leave forever. I sincerely hope I never have to see it again. And the people who live there are hostile towards anyone who has half a brain and is a thinking person...not all of the, but many. There are some nice peope there, but that is true of anywhere. It is just too miserable to live there. Anything good about OK is overwhelmingly negated by how miserable it is otherwise.
—Guest Riv

love or hate Oklahoma

I agree,if you are miserable,you will be miserable anywhere but-when I moved here 3 yeas ago,I thought it was the best,it was supposed to be one of the most livable states-unemployment low-housing low-that has changed-the housing has gone up so much-state tax is really high-not so affordable-unemployment may be low but I, like a lot of other people can't seem to get a job-I'm talking just a supermarket job to pay the bills-any retail-maybe it is where I'm living-near Stillwater-way too hot -but the sun does shine everyday-keeps depression at bay-still going to stay for awhile-people are people-can't generalize,but Oklahoma people do seem friendlier than on the East coast-but these hot dry summers,can't blame it on Oklahoma-all places are having a weird weather change.


So I've been here 9 days. I moved from Austin, TX for a killer job here. The pay is outstanding and the cost of living here is about zero. I lived in Austin for 18 years after spending 29 years growing up in Colorado. I thought Austin was boring compared to Colorado, well, I was mistaken. This morning I spent about 4 hours exploring the city on my motorcycle. Nothing was happening. No motorcycle rides, no groups of bicyclists, no one on the tiny Lake Hefner, nothing. The city is also very ugly, like fugly ugly. Edmond,is full of ridiculous "Whoville" houses, and for being "the" community, is really a joke. The historic neighborhoods of OKC can be very nice, but most of the city is urban blight, really a dump. My plan is to work for 5 years, and go back to Austin.
—Guest Pete

My heart will always be in Oklahoma

Well I lived in Ok for 15. Years. I came from Sf Calif, it took a while to get use to it. Then I fell in love with the people and that red dirt.It was the happiest time of my life. I miss it every day, I dream to move back when I retire.I never felt so safe,and the people are the best! I love you Oklahoma:)
—Guest Francene Carroll

chokelahoma city is just ok

Have travelled a great deal, so know what to compare Oklahoma city with. I have lived here all of my life, except from 2006-2010 when I managed to escape to Jackson, Wyoming, which IS paradise, except for the cost of living. So...Oklahoma City has a great cost of living and living here is relatively pleasant. The people are nice enough and, compared to a lot of other big cities and countries, the people are wonderful. Oklahoma itself is too conservative to entertain any ideas, except sports and, like a commentator before me said, "small talk about the weather." The folks here have a very narrow world view. There are pockets of independent thought and curiosity about world events, but these people do not constitute the majority, by any means. The "newspaper" is a shameful. Some of the bylines and editing are comical in their lack of expertise. Lack of recreational opportunites for physical fitness and the stinking hot summers really suck. But...life is what you make it, nes pas?
—Guest cindy

Landscape, weather, etc suck

Unfortunately, all my family lives here and that's the only reason I stay. It's truly amazing how ugly this city is. It sprawls everywhere with strip malls, there are very few parks, much less nice ones. The people are so sheltered, and most of them think it's heaven here because they've never left to see any place better. The summers are ridiculously hot, it's always windy, and hailstorms are overly common. Oklahomans are really overweight, because they can't walk anywhere for anything, and yet most of them are opposed to mixed-use high density development. The newspaper here is the most right-wing partisan birdcage liner I've ever read, and sadly it used to be even worse than it is now. Due to Oklahoma City's lack of education, they just eat up all the dogmatic anti-labor and anti-environmentalist filth that spews from OPUBCO at the expense of Oklahomans well-being. The fact is, while I dislike the Democratic Party, more educated and healthy metros are comparatively liberal.
—Guest Disgruntled resident

Oklahoma City is terrible!

I've lived in 3 metro areas (coincidentally all along I-35) and Oklahoma City is by far the worst of them. First off, this city is so poorly planned that I have to get in the car to go anywhere. There's nowhere to go anyway! I live in NW OKC, near Quail Springs and it's still too spread out to walk to another store nearby. Unlike Minneapolis, even if Oklahoma City had a million mass transit lines, it would still be useless because you wouldn't be able to go anywhere once you left the bus/LRT/subway, etc. Secondly, the arts scene is pathetic. I spent a decent amount to see the OKC Museum of Art and it took less than 1.5 hours to see everything. Kansas City and Minneapolis have exceptional art museums and yet they are free. Finally, the people here are so conservative that they make themselves look stupid. Example #1: the Personhood Bill. Example #2: Sally Kern. Example #3: the legalization of Open Carry. I could go on forever, but I won't. Once college is done, I'm never returning!
—Guest Matthew

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