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Readers Respond: Do You Love or Hate Living in Oklahoma City?

Responses: 58


What is there to like

I can not say there is a single thing about Oklahoma that I like, the state is pretty much ugly, the people are morons and the government is a fat joke. Oklahoma and the OKC metro area sucks, and deserves the reputation it has around the rest of the nation, for being full of morons and hicks. The recent up roar over an atheist sign, really shows the idiocy and bigotry that only Christians can show. There are huge crosses and Christians messages on bill boards all over the state, and church wasting the land on nearly every corner. Yet, an atheist group wants to advertise its club and the people get all worked up over it.
—Guest its me

I love my Oklahoma

For the negative Nellies out there....I have a few words. I lived my first 30 years in Okla....since then I have lived my next 19 in South Florida. I have traveled extensively throughout the world as well. Believe me Oklahoma is a beautiful and wonderful place. And OKC is its pinnacle. Yes, OKC is a relatively small city, and compared to most major cities in the USA it lacks in many ways in terms of the arts and various other "opportunities". But when I retire from my wonderful job here in SF, I seriously am considering returning right back to OKC. Why? For many reasons. The renaissance of downtown is amazing. The lure of the people of Oklahoma is second to none. Have you folks in Oklahoma visited Miami, NYC, Chicago or LA lately? All citizens of the USA have fine folks, buy by and large I dare you to find folks friendlier or more down to to earth than your very own in Oklahoma. It's a very nice thing. Fall in love with your city! It's amazing. Truly!!! Character counts

Right wing nuts

I had to return to OKC for family reasons. When young, I dreamed of leaving here due to the lack of culture and conservative politics. Twenty plus years later I returned and found it was even worse than before. Look forward to leaving again for good.
—Guest Mac

Love It

I love how friendly, kind, and willing to help people from this state are. The 1995 Bombing of the Murray Building was a wonderful example of how people really pull together to help. Also, it is a really safe and wonderful place for my children to grow up. Our economy is doing really well right now (compared to others). I love our new Thunder basket ball team. It has been very exciting to see them do so well. I am looking forward to the transformation of downtown!! I think everything every state can always use improvement and our roads here in OK definitely need BIG time improvement. I think there are plenty of things to do here. All kinds of sporting events, Downtown, Civic Center, Movies, Shopping, Resturants,etc.
—Guest Jenn

Love and hate it

It's a depressing thing when you are ashamed to tell people you are from Oklahoma. I have been born and raised here, and I hate it. The politicians here don't care about the majority of Oklahomans and they do not represent the youth at all. There is very little to do if you don't have money, our theme parks are pathetic, no good clubs for people under 21, unless you count a bunch of Mexican stores as culture, we have none. It still is home though and I will stand up against the idiots, people who leave don't want to make any changes here!
—Guest Chelaea


From the nice roomy eastern suburbs of Midwest City And Choctaw to the prestige of Norman and Edmond to the old but still gold suburbs of the west, the metro has a lot. Mid-Del-Choct-Nicoma has a lot of stuff like the town center plaza, All American Dixie Diner, nice scenic drive in Choctaw and Downtown Del City. Norman has the university and for a moderate size place, it has a small town downtown, campus corner and the small health food stores. Edmond has a nice small town America feel. The west, where the humbleness is. And let's not forget Big Daddy, the Big Easy. From Bricktown to "the city" of Nichols Hills, it has it all: the new tower construction, the upscale hotels and you guessed it the Asian district. I'd better stop. I am starting to sound like a travel brochure.
—Guest L7


I moved here from a neighboring state and while there are parts of the city that I do like, downtown, Penn Square area, Nichols Hills, etc., I find this city to be mostly run down everywhere else with little interesting scenery. I am a moderate/conservative, but since living here I long for some liberal opposition because the conservatives here are idiotic and bible thumping. The state legislature is an embarrassment.
—Guest LRGirl


If you don't like it here... LEAVE. No one is holding a gun to your head.
—Guest J.E. White

I Love It!

The only state to have not one county vote for Obama. Do I need to say more?

it's ok

It's ok, but I do wish there were a few less Bible belters here in Oklahoma. I do wish we could move more into the 21st century. We still have some friendly people, but feel they have mostly become jaded, like New-Yorkers have been portrayed. If I had not been born and raised here, I might have or should have tried to escape years ago. Now it's too late.
—Guest fangy

Love it.

The more of you that leave, the more room there is, so take your outlooks with you when you go and don't let the door hit you when you leave. HB 1804 is a great piece of legislation.
—Guest Darrell

Great city or what?

Spend a day at Lake Hefner. Spend a evening at a sporting event in Bricktown. Watch the boat races on the Oklahoma river. Go to a concert at the zoo. Spend a day at the zoo. Go watch a horse race at Remington. Go shopping at Penn Square Mall. Have dinner at sunset at Mama Rojas on Lake Hefner. That is just a few things to get you started in this great city. Most locals can trace their roots to hard working farm families. A pay as you go type of people. We are blessed the common sense that has made us invest in OKC. The MAPS projects are proof that we do things a little different. OKC has about the lowest unemployment,and has more projects going on than any other city its size. For those who hate this place, I say "love it or leave it"
—Guest Rickp

Hell hath a name - and it is Oklahoma

I've lived in many states, and this state comes in a distant last on my list of places to live. I can deal with the fact that the state is mostly a barren red-clay wasteland with little to do. I can deal with the fact that grass here grows yellow or brown 90% of the year. I can even deal with the fact that of all the places I've ever been this state has by far the worst drivers I've ever encountered - not just bad skills, but they don't understand the basic rules of the road. But what I will never be able to get past is the people. With very few exceptions, the people here consistently raise the bar for the most bigoted, racist, uneducated, ultra-conservative, and above all hypocritical people I've ever had the misfortune to live among. And most of those same people have never set foot outside this state, which explains why they have no idea how uncultured, backwards, and misguided they really are. Everyday I look for a chance to get out of this state - every single day.
—Guest Jon

okie sooner

I love Okc for it's high fecal count brown river and it's yellow grass. That's right, I said "yellow grass!" I love the soaring temperatures in the Summer time and the complete lack of culture that can only be found in okc. I've never lived with such a fat population either. These are the biggest people on the planet! All the fast food restaurants that you can shake a stick at. I don't know how people live here.
—Guest okie sooner

You people SUCK

Okc has changed as I've grown up and so have I. It has changed from boring to beautiful and diverse. The downtown transformation, the of our new NBA team and the countless other achievements our leadership have brought to our thriving community. Oh and talk about leadership.. a personal thank you to our President David Boren!! Long live the king! It was you single handedly sir that hired Castiglionie, who hired Bob Stoops that has brought our beloved Sooners back to the place we are accustomed to be. The Top. More importantly though back to the pinnacle in academics where our future leaders are being formed. A humble thank you! Incredible. Even the face of the university has changed. It is incredibly beautiful it's worth the trip itself. Oh and did I mention the art museum with the largest private collection, nat hist museum, on and on. Lastly we have got a powerhouse called the Sooners that will be on top again this year in college football! I love you Coach stoops! GO OU
—Guest Kenny

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