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Readers Respond: Do You Love or Hate Living in Oklahoma City?

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OKC is OK By Me!

I had the opportunity to visit OKC in April of '13. Only stayed overnight on my way out to AZ from PA. LOVED the city! It was clean, well-designed, a very manageable size and looked very pretty approaching on I-40 from the east. The new Devon Tower is impressive - and tangeable proof of the city's Renaissance. Bricktown and downtown are awesome. The people are among the friendliest and most helpful I've ever encountered. The restaurants are AWESOME. And the cost of things is really good when compared to the east coast. I'd move there in a heartbeat! I found the people to be very pleasant and easty to talk to. A-Alley and the Asian District were very interesting finds! I'm SO impressed with OKC! All those complaining about "nothing to do" or "obese people" there. Get real! There are SO MANY things to do there! And weight is an issue EVERYWHERE in the US! Get over yourselves. Both coasts SUCK out loud! OKC is the place for me. Just gotta get the wife to buy-in! :)
—Guest John

i hate oklahoma city

The reason why i hate oklahoma city is beacause of the thunderstorms they are so severe here its not even funny i am moving to california where thunderstorms are very rare you will never see my face around here again i am gonna go wrap up in a ball on the corner of my bedroom bye
—Guest Christopher

European Opinion :)

Hello all. I'm European, wife is American. Being in other states, OH, IL, TX and recently we moved to OKC for work. I really like how polite people are. What I don't like is the way they drive. Very dangerous-fast. Also having the red light AFTER the road junction is very confusing to me, to calculate when I need to start hitting the brake. Also the wind all the time is annoying. I've noticed people are very obese but that's not my issue, it's their life. Country music becomes a little boring too, I wish other kind of music were available. A big pos is the city block structure, very nice planned, easy to find your way around the city. After all, I give more + than - mainly because of people being polite, knowing how Europeans are :-(
—Guest Nick Ioannou

oklahoma is okay

I was brought up in Oklahoma City, it's true Oklahoma don't have a lot to do, but it's the best place to bring up your family. One thing I can tell you Oklahoma is not for single people. If you're not married don't move to Oklahoma, you will stay single for a long time. Good schools and low paying jobs. In expensive college, if you want to own a degree Oklahoma is a good place to own a degree. God Bless everyone that read this.
—Guest 929


I've lived in Oklahoma many many years. Lived in a few other states for a few years. Been around the world a few times. Been to the largest cities in the world. People are basically the same. Yada yada yada. You hate Oklahoma for the politics and religion? The states you love have the most representatives and swear on the bible while tapping their foot in bathrooms or taking bids on open seats. You liberals are doing the same thing the republicans are doing to you. There is no measurable difference between you group of voters. Nothing to do? How much extra cash do you people have to do the things you speak of on a daily, weekly, monthly basis? Lay on the beach? That gets old. The bars and clubs? I didn't know alcohol was different in other states. Drugs? Your right, meth isn't as fancy as cocaine. Culture? You people couldn't care less about culture. Education? One of the lowest, stable unemployment rates in the country. Hey, big people like to eat. Your subjective views are unfounded.
—Guest Jeremy

Loved Visiting OKC

I recently was in Oklahoma City on business....and was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. The people were very friendly and the city was the cleanest city I have ever been in. It seriously made me think "was this place designed and built by Walt Disney?"....I will be visiting again on work travel...and look forward to it. Downtown area (Bricktown) was really awesome. I cannot say enough about how pleasant the drive through the city was and the people....I love southern hospitality (I am from the Northeast part of country....where most people are self centered and ignorant unfortunately). Oh...and the ladies.....I could not believe how many BEAUTIFUL woman I saw....everywhere I went.....what are you guys feeding the ladies down there? Beauty potions!
—Guest Mike

been here for two months hate it.

I moved here from Los Angeles. For a 19 year old from cali this place is dirt its way too cold, there is nothing to do and you have to have a car in order to get around here it sucks. The people are friendly compared to california and the low cost of living is amazing. but I can see why its so dull and boring this state needs more life more buildings more trees more things to do my plan is to get a job here and transfer back to LA I hate oklahoma.
—Guest vee

just moved here from cali

Well I really like it no helicopters every day. No sirens every night. Very lovely so far moved here to raise my.family my fiance is from here. That's all
—Guest gl


As much as I have been born,and raised this state,and city is oppressive.The transit is oppressive.The people are oppressive.See this is where people are right about people here being hypocrites see if you need a ride to church you either have to get your own way,because the pastors wont get anybody to pivk anybody up.You have to live in their zone they call it in order to get picked up for church.Some churches don't have vans period.Some churches wont give me a ride period.See you got to be a little kid,a female,have a car,or some other form of transportation in order to get to church.This can also be applied to me just getting around other places other than church.People don't really like givin rides unless you are a blood relative,a close friend,or etc.This has been a hostile state,and environment since I have been born.I wish that I were born in Chicago,New York,Memphis where I could make headway with people,and the transportation would be at my advantage.
—Guest Will Jones

been here for 2 years

I'm from Tucson, Az. I've lived in San Diego, Orlando, Savannah, Phoenix, & been to Mexico & Europe. The only people who like it here are people who have lived here there entire lives. They don't know any better. It is boring & ugly. There are no mountains, forests, oceans & there lakes are brown & gross. People are polite but not open to anyone who is not like them. They are close-minded, ignorant & arrogant. The weather is often bad, so for an outdoor lover like myself it sucks. There are a lot of places to eat & strip malls. The schools in the surrounding areas of OKC are decent. There is a huge emphasis on sports. People here only know sports & church. I cannot wait to leave. It is the ugliest & most boring place I've ever lived.
—Guest momwhite

Loving OKC

I think OKC is a great place.. Here are the pro's: I love living here because I have family in Arkansas and I can easily get there via I-40. I love the thunderstorms in the spring (all year round sometimes), the people are generally friendly, there is a lot to do, the cost of living is VERY low and the pay is fairly high. CONS: the summers can be a bit HOT (though i've lived in the southwest for a long time), the tornado threat can be an issue, the public transportation lacks, the city has some blight areas which can detract from the overall OKC experience, and the COLD snaps in winter.. Overall, OKC is a great place. Sure it has negatives like any city, but overall, the city has a lot to offer and if you can deal with a few negatives, this can be a great place to be!
—Guest Dan

People are what make a city great

I was born and raised in OKC. I remember as a yound kid the days before the 1995 Murrah bombing and the ghost-town feel of downtown in the subsequent months and years. However, the city's resurgence with the epicenter at the downtown area has completely changed the city for the better. Bricktown alone makes it well worth a weekend visit back home. Friendly people, relatively strong economy despite the national recession, low cost of living, and fun social events throughout the city make it a great place in my opinion. Basically, if you want to enjoy living here, you absolutely can as long as you make an effort to do it. My heart has grown deeply for this city because of the unity I see in the people. Are there things that I wish were better? -- such as bicycle friendliness, walkability, public transportation, better inner city schools--of course. But it takes a community united to make change happen. And I am rooting for the people of OKC to rally for it as they do the Thunder
—Guest Steve


Oklahoma is the best. When I visit I have a blast!
—Guest Adelaide

The good, bad, and the ugly

Just like any place on this earth, Oklahoma has pros and cons: Pros: People are nice for the most part. Anywhere you go you will always run into rude people, but Oklahomans overall exihibit "small town charm" and hospitality. Easy to navigate. It is very hard to get lost in OKC. There are things to do and entertainment in OKC is steadily improving. There are mostly hole in the wall bars but areas like Bricktown, Western Avenue, and Classen Curve are more diverse for nightlife. Good vintage/antique stores all over the city. We don't have major stores like Saks or Urban Outfitters but in due time I believe we will. Cons: If you are a nature lover like myself, Oklahoma is lacking in many areas for outdoor activities. There are few parks in the city but if you venture to the eastern part of the state there are some beautiful areas to hike and camp. There are ignorant "rednecks" at every corner and people rarely speak proper English (as an English teacher this is a huge con for me).
—Guest Edie

Best City in America

I love Oklahoma City, it is a fairly large city with a small town feel. It is definitely my favorite place in america. I love going to thunder games and plan on living in oklahoma city after college. The people are so nice.
—Guest Josh

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