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Reader Submissions: Local Bands & Musicians in Oklahoma


The state of Oklahoma may be most known nationally for its country music products, but there is actually a very rich and varied musical landscape in the state. Go beyond the big names and explore the lesser-known Oklahoma originals. If you're looking to see some great music or would like to hire a band for an event, here are profiles of local bands and musicians in Oklahoma.

Note: Information was submitted by the individual musicians.

Jeremy Castle and The Lonesome Knights - Tradition Country

During Jeremy Castle's senior year, he was a 1992 Class 2-A All-State defensive end as well as a Daily Oklahoman Blue Chip player for the 1992 football team at Blanchard High School. Jeremy Castle pl…More

Skytown - Rock

Skytown was formed in early 2010 by three good friends with a passion to play, write and produce music. Band members include Dale Crain-Vocals/Guitar, Tim Burress-Guitar and Blake Sullivan-Bass. Musi…More

Piranha Brothers - Eclectic

Piranha Brothers began in the mid-90's as a Duo after the breakup of our band "VanGogh's Ear". With guitar, bass and dueling vocals and humor, we've played venues from OKC to Dallas. Eventually, we a…More

Affinity - Jazz, Blues, Rock, Dance

Lynn & Robert have been in entertainment for 20+ years, performing with professional artists throughout the US including Toby Keith, Henson Cargill, Brian Gorrell, Al Good, Gary Good, The Outlaws, Th…More

The Next - Christian/Alternative/Easy Listening

We wanted to do something with our time and we all loved music. We wanted to do something that no small town kids ever do, so we started the band! We have played all around the state of Oklahoma and …More

Affinity - Rock/Dance

Openers for many name acts here and all over the Midwest. Wrote/Composed many commercials for car dealers, restuarants, etc.A history of staying with current musical trends and of have extensive repe…More

Marvin Gardens - Rock/Alternative

Marvin Gardens was formed in early 2010 by three good friends with a passion to play, write and produce music. Band members include Dale Crain-Vocals/Guitar, Tim Burress-Guitar and Blake Sullivan-Bas…More

The British Invasion Group - 60's Era

This is the original 60's mania group. Recreating the sights and sounds of the worldwide phenomenon known as the "British Invasion" .Using period costumes and instruments they have toured nationwide …More

Michelle Myers-Walters - Soundtracks

In 2010, Michelle Myers Walters was miraculously healed of Asperger's Syndrome, a high functioning form of Autism. She is an author, songwriter and more! Michelle 25 is a multi-functioning company fo…More

Lightnin' Larson and The Blues Thunder Band - Blues

We are a three piece blues band that had just recently formed although we had all played in a country music band together for years. We are now working on promoting our original Blues sound and have …More

Cryout - World Reggae & Funk

Cryout has toured the United States for 16 years plus, The music from Cryout is Family friendly and very good to dance to or just set back and listen to. The Releases From Cryout are Cryouts own writ…More

High Speed Boom - Classic Rock/Blues

HSB is a work-by-day classic-rock band with an energy that consumes their audiences. They are certainly not purists set out to glorify classic rock. HSB blatantly abuses the genre. Hard rocking seven…More

The Blue Cats - R-B-Soul & Funk

The band has been together since 1993 , We are a six piece band consisting of a 3 piece horn section , trumpet, alto sax and trombone. Included with a three piece rhythm section , bass , drums and ou…More

Dead City Outlaws - Country/Red Dirt

Just a group of guys hanging out in a local bar talking about when they played in a heavy metal band. Got thinking and decided to hang up the heavy metal and go Country. Our lead singer was the drumm…More

Fifth Story - Progressive Funk Rock

Fifth Story consists of three young musicians who have been successfully creating music since 2004. They are comprised of the classic trio formation of Bass, Drums and Guitar. Lucas Gillette, age 17,…More

Zoom City - Classic Rock

Several members regrouped an old band from their teenage years for a "one performance" gig for a KOMA radio 60's festival. That led to this 13 year long stint as one of Oklahoma's best classic rock b…More

Theatre Breaks Loose - Pop Rock

We started playing music because of other local influences such as the all american rejects. While growing up we were all in different bands, but still saw everyones potential and decided to form som…More

Public Display of Afflection - Pop/Hip Hop

P.D.A. is an American pop/hip hop artist and producer from Tulsa, OK. The name P.D.A. stands for Public Display of Afflection (Afflection being a hybrid of the words Affliction and Affection for what…More

Wondernaut - Indie Pop/Rock

Wondernaut started in 1998 as the title of a song written by one of Billy's good friends, Shaun Taylor. Billy knew the world just wouldn't be right unless he made music under that name; Wondernaut - …More

The Purple Church - Psychedelic Indie Rock

Oklahoma City is known for a handful of things – good steak, natural gas, college football, domestic terrorism, and the like. But what many people don’t realize is that Oklahoma City̵…More

Eutopian Accident - Indie Pop and Rock

I have always been writing and trying to perform my own songs in the midst of work as a session and live player, since I began playing music in middle school, and have been fortunate enough to keep w…More

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