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Reader Reviews : White Water Bay Reviews

User Rating 3.5 Star Rating (3 Reviews)


Get reader reviews for White Water Bay and find out whether it's an Oklahoma City water park worth visiting.

Overall, we had a great time.

Having been to one of Disney's water parks (and others) in Orlando, we knew not to expect the kind of perfection that only Disney seems capable of, and we were not disappointed, as there were a few "…More

Fun place if you have the money

Just went there for the first time today with family. It is a great place to have fun. Everything was great but expect to spend a lot on food and drinks unless you take your own picnic stuff/ice ches…More

Prices are way too high

We haven't been in a while. Prices for a single trip are insane. I guess if you are a season pass owner its not too bad but just to visit once is a ripoff. The place is pretty fun but some areas need…More

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