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Oklahoma City Television Stations


Here is a detailed directory of the Oklahoma City metro-area television stations, complete with content description and website links for more information.
  • KFOR (Ch.4) - NBC
    Oklahoma City's NBC affiliate is KFOR on channel 4. The local news broadcasts have such familiar names as Kevin Ogle, Linda Cavanaugh, Meteorologist Mike Morgan and Sportscaster Bob Barry Sr.

  • KOCO (Ch.5) - ABC
    Oklahoma City's ABC affiliate is KOCO on channel 5. The local news is known for its "Eyewitness News" brand and has such familiar names as Kimberly Lohman, Meteorologist Rick Mitchell and Sportscaster Mark Rodgers.

  • KWTV (Ch.9) - CBS
    Oklahoma City's CBS affiliate is KWTV on channel 9. The local news boasts such familiar names as Kelly Ogle, Meteorologist Gary England and Sportscaster Dean Blevins.

  • KETA (Ch.13) - PBS
    The flagship station of the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA), channel 13 is Oklahoma City's PBS network. You'll find such popular programs as Antiques Roadshow, Nova, The Lawrence Welk Show and a large variety of children's programming as well.

  • KOKH (Ch.25) - FOX
    Oklahoma City's FOX affiliate is KOKH on channel 25. The local news broadcasts have such names as Andrew Speno, Jaime Cerreta and Meteorologist Scott Padgett.

  • KOCB (Ch.34) - CW
    The WB and UPN have merged into a new network called CW. In the Oklahoma City metro, you'll find it on channel 34. The station plays a few original shows as well as syndicated reruns of comedy favorites such as Scrubs, According to Jim and Frasier.

  • KSBI (Ch.52)
    Priding themselves on being a "family friendly" network, KSBI has a coverage area that extends far beyond the metro into cities such as Ponca City, Sand Springs and Ada. The station has weather, news, local and national sports and a number of syndicated shows such as Mad About You, The Nanny and Matlock.
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