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2009 Oklahoma Legislative Bills and Measures


For the first time in state history, Republicans control the Oklahoma legislature. Here's a breakdown of some of the proposed bills for the 2009 Legislative Session along with the known status of each. This will be a growing list throughout the legislative session. Head to the OKC Discussion Forum to give your opinions.
  • Sales Tax on Groceries

    Bill: Senate Bill 318
    Author: Sen. Mike Mazzei (R-Tulsa)
    Purpose: SB 318 would reduce and eventually eliminate the Oklahoma 4.5 percent sales tax on grocery items over the next five years.
    Status: Passed Senate, Goes to House
  • "Healthy Choices Act" Nutritional Information on Menus

    Bill: Senate Bill 1135
    Author: Sen. Randy Bass (D-Lawton)
    Purpose: This measure would create a 15-member task force to determine whether restaurant menus must list nutritional information.
    Status: Passed Senate, Goes to House
  • English as "Official Language"

    Bill: House Resolution 1042
    Author: Joint Resolution
    Purpose: Other than noted exemptions for Braille and the 39 recognized Native American tribes, this legislation would affect governmental business by declaring English the state's "official language." Taxpayer funded services would not be provided in any other language than English.
    Status: Passed House, Goes to Senate
  • Property Tax Cap

    Bill: Senate Resolution 5
    Author: Joint Resolution
    Purpose: Senate Joint Resolution 5 would allow Oklahomans to vote on lowering the current property tax cap of 5 percent to 3 percent on homestead exempted properties.
    Status: Passed Senate, Goes to House
  • Tuition Waiver for Veterans

    Bill: Senate Bill 467
    Author: Sen. Kenneth Corn (D-Howe)
    Purpose: SB 467 would provide tuition waivers for honorably discharged veterans to return to Oklahoma for college.
    Status: Passed Senate, Goes to House
  • Ten Commandments Monument on Capitol Grounds

    Bill: House Bill 1330
    Author: Rep. Mike Ritze (R-Broken Arrow)
    Purpose: If passed, this measure would allow for construction of a monument with the Ten Commandments on state Capitol grounds.
    Status: Passed House, Goes to Senate
  • Voter Identification

    Bill: House Bill 1037
    Author: Rep. Sue Tibbs (R-Tulsa)
    Purpose: HB 1037 would require voters to produce a photo ID. IDs must be issued by the state or federal government, a county, a municipality or a federally recognized tribe. If a voter is unable to produce a photo ID, he or she could sign a statement of identification and vote on a provisional ballot, which would be counted if the person was found to be a qualified voter.
    Status: Passed House, Goes to Senate
  • DNA Collection For Violent Misdemeanors

    Bill: Senate Bill 1102
    Author: Sen. Jonathan Nichols (R-Norman)
    Purpose: The state of Oklahoma currently collects and stores DNA samples from convicted felonies in a DNA database. If Senate Bill 1102 becomes law, samples would also be required for those convicted of certain violent misdemeanors such as resisting arrest, negligent homicide, causing a personal accident while driving under the influence, unlawful discharge of a weapon and destruction of property.
    Status: Passed Senate, Goes to House

* Legislative information obtained from the official Oklahoma Legislature website. Page last updated 3/16/09.
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