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The 2005 Holiday Bowl

San Diego Travel and Accomodations


If you plan to make the trip to San Diego, there are several options available to you. But don't wait because airline tickets and hotels are going fast.


Since the game is just after Christmas, airlines will be booked quickly. However, you can check availability and even purchase tickets online.

Also, consider renting a car. The drive will take approximately 20 hours strictly driving time so make sure you give yourself plenty of cushion in your driving plans.

Another possibility is traveling by train. Amtrak can take you from Oklahoma City to San Diego by way of Ft. Worth and Los Angeles, but it is not likely to be much of a straight trip. You'd have to leave quite a bit earlier if selecting this option and plan on staying in San Diego several more days. Fares run around $225 one way.


If you don't have any friends or family in the San Diego area with whom you can stay, you'll need to book yourself a hotel.

San Diego, of course, has plenty of options for hotels. The Holiday Bowl's list of "preferred hotels" includes plenty of big name establishments such as Mariott, Ramada and Holiday Inn. The rates for those range anywhere from about $60 up to $200.

In addition, the University of Oklahoma is putting together travel packages in conjunction with Dodds Athletic Tours.

If you're trying to make the trip on the cheap, consider getting a hotel in one of the suburbs of San Diego such as La Mesa, Lemon Grove or El Cajon, especially if you're driving or renting a car.

To See and Do

While you're in town, why not take some time to visit the sites around San Diego. About has our very own San Diego Guide, Inigo Figuracion, who can help you find the best places to see. Check out his Must-See San Diego and San Diego Landmarks for some great ideas.

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