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Oklahoma City Area Animal Shelters

Adopt a Pet in OKC


Oklahoma City Area Animal Shelters
© Midwest City Animal Welfare

Looking to adopt a pet in the Oklahoma City area? It's a big decision, but there are many cats and dogs in need. Here are the locations around the city where you can do so, along with their hours of adoption operation.
  • Guthrie Animal Shelter
    409 Commerce
    (405) 282-1776
    4-5pm, Monday-Saturday

  • Pets and People Humane Society
    701 Inla Avenue, Yukon
    (405) 350-7387
    12pm-6pm, All week

  • Free to Live
    North Edmond (Call for Directions)
    (405) 282-8617
    10am-5pm, Everyday Except Wednesdays

  • Edmond Animal Shelter
    2424 Old Timbers Dr.
    (405) 216-7615
    7am-5pm, Monday and Tuesday
    7am-6pm, Wednesday-Friday
    7am-3pm, Saturday

  • Real Rescue Incorporated
    Arcadia (Call for Information)
    (405) 414-5651
    Adoption Application Online

  • Oklahoma City Animal Shelter
    SE 29 & Bryant
    (405) 297-3100
    E-mail the Director
    Hours of Operation: 8 a.m. - 5:45 p.m.
    Adoption Hours: Noon - 5:45 p.m.

  • Oklahoma Humane Society
    9300 N. May Avenue, Suite 400-281
    (405) 286-1503
    See the PetSmart Adoption Schedule
    Available animals and adoption application online

  • Bethany Animal Shelter
    5100 N. College Ave.
    (405) 789-3431
    8am-5pm, Monday-Thursday
    By appointment, Friday-Sunday

  • Midwest City Animal Shelter
    7221 NE 36th Street
    (405) 869-8687
    8am-6pm, Monday-Saturday

  • Moore Animal Shelter
    4000 S. I-35 East Service Rd.
    (405) 793-5190
    8am-5pm, Monday-Friday
    8am-12pm, Saturday

  • Norman Animal Shelter
    Jenkins Avenue, South of Hwy 9
    (405) 292-9736
    10am-5:45pm, Tuesday-Friday
    1pm-4:45pm, Saturday

If you know of an adoption facility not listed, let me know about it.
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