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Quail Springs Mall Profile


Quail Springs Mall Profile

Quail Springs Mall

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General Description:

Located in North Oklahoma City near Edmond, Quail Springs Mall is one of the largest in the state. It's also one of the busiest. The district along Memorial Road between Penn and Lake Hefner Parkway continues to build around Quail Springs. The mall itself has over 160 stores on 3 levels. The lowest level holds the AMC 24 movie theater and the large food court.
The mall is structured quite "user friendly." There is essentially one main walking area stretched East and West with only small halls extending North and South. The main stores create bookends, and there are elevators and escalators in convenient locations. It is well-kept and spacious despite the frequent crowds.

Stores and Shops:

Quail Springs has the main mall entries like:
- JC Penney
- Dillard's
- Macy's
- Claire's
- Sunglass Hut
- Waldenbooks
- BabyGap and GapKids
- Suncoast
- Bath and Body Works
- Radio Shack
- Eddie Bauer
- Zales
- Foot Locker
- Lenscrafters
- Glamour Shots
- and more...
As well as unique shops such as:
- Teddy Bear Stuffers
- On Deck Sports Collectibles
- Happy Feet
- Go the Game
- and more...

Food Court and Cinema:

Most of the eating establishments in Quail Springs Mall are located in the food court on the lower level. There are plenty of tables in the wide open area including the 1950's-style car booths. You'll find such restaurants as Chick-fil-A, Sonic, Sbarro and Subway. And a few treat spots are located elsewhere in the mall in the form of Orange Julius and Auntie Anne's Pretzels.
The movie theater is the AMC 24, one of the best in the city. Plenty of showtimes, stadium seating, two snack bars and love seat style seating are just some of the great qualities of Quail Spring's AMC Theater.


Address: 2501 West Memorial Road
Phone: (405) 755-6530
Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm, Sunday 12pm-6pm
Mall Gift Cards: Purchasing available online

Quail Springs also gives you the opportunity to browse store inventory online and reserve items for pickup. Use the "Product Search" function on the mall's official site
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