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Best Bricktown Restaurants


Oklahoma City's Bricktown area is a dynamic entertainment region with a number of fantastic dining options. Here are the best Bricktown restaurants, a list with short reviews of the top restaurants to try in Bricktown.

1. Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse

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It's hard to beat Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse in the entire city, much less in Bricktown. The restaurant bears the name of the Oklahoma native and Yankees great, and it's filled with memorabilia from the Mantle family's personal collection. But even better than the atmosphere are the quality steaks, seafood options and extensive wine list. If you're looking for a quality, fine-dining experience, make this stop number one in Bricktown.
- Lounge with live entertainment
- Banquet booking available
- Address: #7 Mickey Mantle Drive (73104)
- Phone: (405) 272-0777

2. Nonna's Euro-American Ristorante and Bar

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If you're a regular here at About.com OKC, you know that Nonna's is one of my favorites. I love it as one of the best restaurants unique to the metro, and I'm a big fan of the outside dining. The spectacular gourmet food is inspired by a variety of European dishes, and you absolutely can't miss the breads and desserts.
- Classy but still casual
- Valet parking
- Address: One Mickey Mantle Drive (73104)
- Phone: (405) 235-4410

3. The Mantel Wine Bar and Bistro

The Mantel is yet another outstanding fine dining option in the Bricktown area of Oklahoma City. I'm a fan of its quiet, elegant atmosphere, perfect for that special dinner out, and the fairly extensive menu includes seafood, steak, pasta and more. This place probably doesn't get the publicity it deserves, compared to Mickey Mantle's and Nonna's, but you absolutely won't regret a visit while you're in Bricktown.
- Live patio music
- Private parties
- Address: 201 E. Sheridan (73104)
- Phone: (405) 236-8040

4. Earl's Rib Palace

The fine dining experience is great and all, but sometimes you just want a casual meal that you don't mind if you get on your hands. Well, search the streets of Bricktown no more. Some of the best barbecue you can find in the Oklahoma City area is found at Earl's Rib Palace. With tasty sandwiches and burgers, a wide array of sides and large portions of the fantastic meats, Earl's is the ultimate casual restaurant in Bricktown.
- Casual dining
- Average meal around $6-10
- Address: 216 Johnny Bench Drive, Suite BBQ (73104)
- Phone: (405) 272-9898

5. Pearl's Crabtown

Don't let the "Pearl's" name fool you. This isn't the same type of experience as the other Pearl's seafood restaurants around OKC. Located in a renovated Bricktown warehouse, the casual Cajun eatery boasts piles of broiled seafood placed on paper right on your table. Jazz and blues music play as you dine on such specialties as Jambalaya, Shrimp Creole or Louisiana Crab Cakes with tangy remoulade sauce.
- Three banquet facilities for any occasion
- Smoker-friendly dining in Little Havana room
- Address: 303 E. Sheridan (73104)
- Phone: (405) 232-7227

6. Jazmo'z Bourbon Street Cafe

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Another wonderful canal-side spot is Jazmo's Bourbon Street Cafe. In fact, I chose it as one of the best patio dining restaurants in the metro. It's a New Orleans-style seafood restaurant with live music and an entertaining Mardi Gras atmosphere. But whether or not you're in the mood for the fun around you, you'll enjoy the many good seafood dishes, cajun and otherwise. Have some crab dip as an appetizer, a bowl of shrimp gumbo and a tasty entree like blackened tilapia or the chef's famous recipe crawfish.
- Live music
- Extensive bar selection with imported beers
- Address: 100 E. California (73104)
- Phone: (405) 232-6666

7. The Melting Pot

Looking for a little something different in Bricktown? Try the Melting Pot. A national chain with locations in 37 states, the Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant, a wonderfully unique and interesting experience that is perfect for a date night or group get-together. Make sure you have some time to spare because you can be there for a while with a 4-course meal. Choose some that are chef-selected or have even more fun by creating your own.
- Banquet and event booking available
- Extensive wine list
- Address: 4 E. Sheridan Avenue (73104)
- Phone: (405) 235-1000

8. Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy

Ted's gets all the attention for Mexican food in Oklahoma City, and there are any number of quality, smaller Mexican food establishments throughout the metro. But Abuelo's, with a location in Bricktown, is certainly up there with some of the best. The large, comfortable and casual restaurant offers all of your Mexican food favorites as well as exotic specialty drinks.
- Catering available
- Casual experience that's not too high-priced
- Address: 17 E. Sheridan Avenue (73104)
- Phone: (405) 235-1422

9. Bricktown Burgers

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Bricktown Burgers has very limited hours of operation, but if you can get in, you'll enjoy one of the best burgers in OKC. They're huge and come with delicious, crispy fries.
- Outdoor dining
- Casual experience
- Address: 300 E. Main (73104)
- Phone: (405) 232-4373

10. Toby Keith's I Love this Bar & Grill

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I'll wrap up my top 10 with a place thought of by many as the one "tourist" eatery in Oklahoma City. The Bricktown restaurant named after Oklahoma native and country music superstar Toby Keith may not have the best food in the city, but it's still an experience you should have at least once. The portions are large, the atmosphere and food are casual, the live music on the weekends is boisterous, and you can leave with a t-shirt to commemorate the occasion if you so choose. What's not to love?
- Live music
- Extensive bar selection
- Address: 310 Johnny Bench Drive (73104)
- Phone: (405) 231-0254

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