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Ten More Top Oklahoma City Restaurants


Sometimes ten is just not enough. If you have read my list of the top Oklahoma City restaurants, I have some more for you, representing a wide selection of unique options in the metro restaurant scene. Here are ten more of the best Oklahoma City restaurants, perhaps the ones that just miss out on my top 10 list.

Also check out some OKC Reader Reviews of metro restaurants and submit your reviews as well. If you want a bargain, review those establishments offering OKC restaurant discounts.

Red Prime Steakhouse

In Oklahoma City's Automobile Alley is one of the area's cooler eateries, but Red Prime Steakhouse succeeds because the food lives up to the decor. The steaks are some of the best in Oklahoma City, and the menu also includes tasty seafood dishes and American classics such as pork chops or even southern style fried chicken. Check out the Red Bar for a visually stunning seat and an immense wine selection.
- Private dining
- Red Bar / Cocktail hour
- Address: 504 N. Broadway Avenue
- Phone: (405) 232-2626


Rococo is not one of the metro's long-tenured establishments, but owner Bruce Rinehart has quickly built an OKC destination restaurant that impresses with its delicious northeastern-inspired dishes and personal atmosphere. You'll feel like a special guest, enjoy the comfortable high-top tables or "gangster booths" and dine on wonderful selections of steak, seafood and pasta. Even better, Rococo is one of those that offers OKC restaurant discounts.
- Catering available
- Live music
- Address: 2824 N. Pennsylvania Ave.
- Phone: (405) 528-2824

Cafe do Brasil

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I've previously mentioned Cafe do Brasil as a top spot for patio dining in Oklahoma City, but it's fantastic for other reasons as well. Talk about a fun spot and a great atmosphere. Sample the unique and terrific Brazilian specialties while you enjoy the live music, and then head to the deck of the upstairs Club Bossa Nova. Exotic drinks accompany a nice view of the surrounding MidTown area with the downtown skyline just in the distance.
Of note:
- Casual atmosphere
- Private parties & catering
- Address: 440 NW 11th St., Suite 100
- Phone: (405) 525-9779

Republic Gastropub

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What the heck is a gastropub anyway? Don't worry... You're not the only one to wonder. It's a combination of "gastronomy" and "public house" that originated in England in the early 1990's. Essentially, the concept centers around merging the traditional pub atmosphere with a quality restaurant that goes beyond ordinary bar fare. Of course, the term may not sound all that appetizing. But the Classen Curve's Republic Gastropub succeeds quite magnificently in its mission. It's a modern, stylistic restaurant that still maintains the casual comfort of a friendly tavern.
- Large flatscreen televisions
- Extensive beer selection
- Address: 5830 North Classen
- Phone: (405) 286-4577

The Wedge Pizzeria

Pizza-lovers will not be disappointed with the Wedge Pizzeria, as the place makes one of the metro's top pies, wood-fire oven-baked with plenty of unique varieties. The place itself is pretty small, but it's casual and comfortable. Plus, there's outside seating if you need to spread out.
- Casual atmosphere
- Wine and local beers
- Address: 4709 N. Western Avenue
- Phone: (405) 602-3477

The Mantel Wine Bar & Bistro

The name will give you a good idea of what to expect, one of the better places for a quiet meal in Oklahoma City. Located in Bricktown, the Mantel Wine Bar & Bistro has a great fine dining atmosphere. The service is good, and the prices are reasonable on menu items such as steak, chicken and seafood.
- Catering and Private Rooms Available
- Outdoor Dining
- Address: 201 E. Sheridan
- Phone: (405) 236-8040

Big Truck Tacos

I told you there'd be some variety here. In fact, it's hard to get much different than this and the previous one on the list. Big Truck Tacos is the anti-fine dining, a mobile eatery with a huge selection of inventive taco choices. And if you don't want to track the truck, just head to their permanent location, which has become just as popular.
- Catering available
- Late night dining
- Address: 530 NW 23rd
- Phone: (405) 525-TACO

Iron Starr Urban Barbecue

So, we're not quite Kansas City, but OKC loves its barbecue. And if want more than the ordinary, Iron Starr is the place for you. It is certainly not your corner smoke stand. Instead, Iron Starr offers a fine dining experience with unique barbecue combinations such as hickory smoked chicken, molasses-glazed salmon or black pepper-crusted prime rib. Of course, you can still get the tasty basics, from cornbread and potato salad to smoked meats and baked beans.
- Catering
- Private parties
- Address: 3700 N. Shartel
- Phone: (405) 524-5925

La Baguette Bistro

La Baguette Bistro is well known to Oklahoma City residents as a nice deli and bakery. In regard to the former, you have a menu that features American and French bistro foods at breakfast (Omelettes & Crepes), lunch (Sandwiches & Soups) and dinner (Steak, Chicken & Seafood). And the bakery offers fresh breads and cakes that will make your mouth water.
- Butcher shop
- Catering available
- Address: 7408 N. May
- Phone: (405) 840-3047

Iguana Mexican Grill

First, a confession. I only gave Iguana three and a half out of five stars in my full review. Perhaps that was due largely to high initial expectations built by the hype. Though I stand by my review, the fact is that Iguana is still well worth a visit for Mexican food lovers and is one of the more unique metro restaurant offerings, surely the reason for its popularity. Many dishes feature a stirring fusion of tastes, from sides such as green rice or jicama slaw to specialties such as cilantro-mint chimichurri or chicken breast with chipotle BBQ sauce and pineapple relish served with coconut rice.
- Outdoor dining
- $1 Tacos on Tuesdays
- Address: 9 NW 9th St.
- Phone: (405) 606-7172
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