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Wes Welker's Sports Bar & Grill - Oklahoma City Restaurant Review

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I'm a big fan of Wes Welker, the small in stature but big on results NFL wide receiver that has been proving doubters wrong since his days at Heritage Hall.  He's one of the league's best success stories and an excellent representative for our city.  I only wish the Oklahoma City sports bar bearing his name was so unique and praiseworthy.  Located on Memorial Road west of Quail Springs Mall, Wes Welker's Sports Bar & Grill captures the attention of sports lovers with its myriad televisions and good beer selection but is otherwise more of the same in this niche of restaurant. 


First, let's talk televisions.  There may not be another place in Oklahoma City, or the universe, with more televisions per square foot.  They're pretty much squeezed into every possible inch of wall space around the large room.  It's a bit of sensory overload actually, but it certainly works well for the hardcore sports fans.  Just about every possible sporting event can and is represented, and every possible viewing angle honored. 

Seating options are varied, including a large rectangular bar, high tables, regular tables and booths.  And though my first visit was very soon after the place opened and obvious problems with the air conditioner made for a stuffy dining experience, the restaurant overall has a fun, comfortable feel.  Welker memorabilia, from high school to the Denver Broncos, lines the walls, and the glasses are shaped like footballs.

Food & Drink

Upon viewing the menu, I was encouraged.  It offers more variety and creativity than you'll find at many sports bars.  Sure, there are the staples, the burgers, nachos and chips & dip.  But entree options also include Scottish Salmon and Rotisserie Chicken.  Try a deep-fried, bacon-wrapped hot dog, appetizer crab cakes or nachos made with duck.  Vegetarians can enjoy a hummus and veggie appetizer or one of the several salad choices, and the kids menu features macaroni and cheese, sliders and an extra sweet combo of Fried Chicken & Waffle Bites.

The problem is that while I love the selection, I don't really love the food.  With the exception of the Bison Burger, the burgers are greasy to an incredible degree, and I wasn't wowed by the ribs or many of the appetizers, which is really what I tend to eat most at a sports bar.  The prices are also pretty high, and that tends to raise expectations.  Just a chips/salsa/queso appetizer will set you back $10, and the Bison Burger with fries is $12.

The good news is that there is a nice beer selection.  Appropriate, since Welker wears uniform #83, the restaurant offers 83 beers, including several local options.  So if your primary concerns are beer and televisions, you'll be more than happy.  For food, there might be better choices.

Wes Welker's Sports Bar & Grill
3121 W. Memorial Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73134
(405) 608-2200

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