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The Conncourse or The Underground


The Conncourse or The Underground
Photo by Hedrich Blessing
Definition: Originally constructed in 1972 and opened in 1974, the Conncourse, now renamed the Underground, is a system of tunnels beneath downtown Oklahoma City. It was originally named after banker Jack Conn who conceived the idea along with Donald Kennedy and Dean A. McGee. Construction cost $1.3 million, and it is about a mile long in total.

In 2006, the city finally ended debate by announcing a $2 million renovation, completed in early 2007. The carpet was replaced, the lighting enhanced and the walls repainted. In addition, the plan called for information kiosks to be placed at the entrances with directions and maps.

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Also Known As: The Conncourse, The Underground
Common Misspellings: Often mispelled Concourse.
"To get from Chase Tower to the Kerr-McGee Center, you can take the Conncourse rather than walking outside along Broadway and Robert S. Kerr Ave."

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