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Moore - Oklahoma City Metro Area Community Profile


About Moore:

Originally named "Verbeck" by the railroad, Moore was renamed after Al Moore, a railroad employee who was upset that he never received his mail. According to historians, he painted his name on a sign and attached it to the boxcar in which he lived. The name stuck, and when the town became incorporated a few years later, it was official.

Thanks largely to its convenient location in relation to both downtown OKC and Norman, home of the University of Oklahoma, to the south, Moore grew from a small town of about 18,000 in 1970 to a significant community of over 50,000 today.
One of Moore's unfortunate claims to fame in recent years is tornado devastation. The twister that struck the city on May 3, 1999 was an F-5, the strongest ever recorded. It was also extremely destructive, causing millions in damages and killing over 30 people in the metro. But the citizens of Moore persevered, and the town is flourishing.


Comprised of 21.9 square miles of land south of Oklahoma City, Moore is in Cleveland County, the northern border of which marks the Moore city limits. I-35 runs through the city, and other major streets include Broadway, Sante Fe, SE 4th and SE 19th.


The population of Moore is just over 50,000 as of 2007, placing it as the 9th largest city in the state. Median household income as of 2005 was $46,600, nearly $10,00 higher than the state average, and the median home value is $92,000, just a bit over the state average as well.

Zip Codes:

73160, 73170

Areas of Interest:

See some of the top Moore attractions. Among them:

- "Old Town" Revitalized Downtown
- Veterans Memorial Park
- Moore Public Schools
- Near Lake Stanley Draper
- Yellow Rose Theater
- Annual Art in the Park Event
- Summer Nights Concerts
- Broadmoore Golf Course
- KidsPlay Moore: An 11,000 square foot playground

Hotels & Lodging:

Traveling to Moore? Get information on some of the best Moore hotels.
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