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Memorial Road / Quail Springs - Neighborhood Profile


Memorial Road / Quail Springs - Neighborhood Profile
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About OKC's Memorial Corridor:

The area in north Oklahoma City that contains the popular Quail Springs Mall continues to grow and grow, both commercially with new stores and shopping centers but also residentially with a number of nice apartment complexes and condominiums being built north of Memorial Road. Often referred to as the "Memorial Corridor," some of it is split between what is considered Oklahoma City and what is Edmond.

Memorial Road is known as one of the more difficult and time-consuming stretches of traffic in the metro. As the restaurants and shopping centers continue to be squeezed in and the region stretches westward with more development, the trek only grows more frustrating. Nevertheless, it has rapidly situated itself alongside the NW Expressway region as one of OKC's retail hotspots.

Along with the mall, you'll find a variety of stores and shopping centers along the stretch including Toys R Us, Target, Best Buy, Lowe's and many, many more. There are also many popular restaurant options such as Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Abuelo's, B.J.'s Brewhouse, Chili's and more.


The region primarily stretches along Memorial Road in north Oklahoma City. Some businesses are located almost as far east as I-235, but the bulk of the commercial and restaurant region is between Pennsylvania Avenue and Lake Hefner Parkway. The development, including residential, is moving progressively northward and westward, it seems.


The Memorial Corridor has an ever-increasing population of about 5,000. Median household income was above the state average as of 1999 and figures to be even higher now. The vast majority of the houses were built after 1990 and tend to be valued at $150,000 and higher.

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