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"Trips on a Tank Full" Coupons 2014


Many Oklahomans wait each year for the annual "Trips on a Tank Full" promotion from Central Oklahoma's Frontier Country, the area's tourism agency who also publishes an annual travel guide. Trips on a Tank Full can save you a great deal of money on your vacations and trips around Oklahoma. Here is information on the Trips on a Tank Full program, and after you've taken your trip, come back and tell us about it.

What is Trips on a Tank Full?

Trips on a Tank Full is an annual promotion from Central Oklahoma's Frontier Country, the tourism agency and marketing association for the central portion of the state. The year's brochure is typically released in mid-April or so, and often, they hold a kick-off event such as the 2014 multi-city giveaway.

Trips on a Tank Full is always very popular because it provides a number of specials, coupons and discounts at tourist attractions, restaurants and hotels in central Oklahoma. It allows Oklahoma families to save money on their vacations and promotes spending travel dollars in our own very diverse state.

What coupons are included in the Trips on a Tank Full brochure?

Coupons differ each year but are focused on attraction, restaurant and hotel members of the association, with locations throughout central Oklahoma, including a great concentration in the metro itself. The 2014 brochure includes discounts at the following locations:

Where can I get the Trips on a Tank Full coupons?

Getting your copy of the Trips on a Tank Full brochure is easy, and it's free. All you have to do is go online to Central Oklahoma's Frontier Country literature request form. They'll mail it to you. Also, you can get any number of their publications, including the aforementioned travel guide.

You can also get a Trips on a Tank Full coupon book by calling (800) 386-6552.

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