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Oklahoma City Traffic Cameras


Oklahoma City Traffic Cameras
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Oklahoma City is a very large metro area geographically, and metro drivers are used to making their way on busy roads and highways to get around. Traffic jams, construction issues, wrecks and other delays are not only inconvenient, they can often cost you money on gas. Now there's a tool available to help avoid that traffic.

For many, the days of waiting through all the morning show interviews or listening to radio shows to get a traffic update are over.

Traffic Camera Website

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation has debuted a new website at www.oktraffic.org offering camera views of more than 15 well-traveled highway areas around the Oklahoma City metro.

Here are the easy to follow steps to see the camera views:
  • Go to the website and accept the terms
  • Choose Oklahoma City metro map
  • Click the map's camera icon for the desired road
  • Camera view appears on the right side of the screen
  • Views can be refreshed every two minutes and are easily selected by direction
  • Click the magnifying glass icon for a larger view

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