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Maps, Travel and Transportation for Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is a metropolitan area that spans a very large region and includes multiple suburban towns. Get maps and directions to help you navigate the breadth of it as well as information regarding public transportation, Will Rogers International Airport, car rental locations and Oklahoma City hotels.
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Lost and Found at Will Rogers World Airport
Lost keys, misplaced wallet, dropped cell phone...? It happens to the best of us. If you've lost something at Oklahoma City's Will Rogers World Airport, perhaps in the terminal, on a plane or even in a rental car, get information on the airport's Lost and Found.

Oklahoma City Airport Rants, Complaints and Stories
How was your experience at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City? Do you have an Oklahoma City airport rant or horror story? Share your complaints, comments or any tips you might have on Oklahoma City's Will Rogers World Airport.

Oklahoma City Zip Codes
What are the zip codes in Oklahoma City? Here are the zip codes for the Oklahoma City metro area as well as an Oklahoma City zip code map and information on how to find an Oklahoma City zip code

Spokies - OKC Downtown Bike Share
Created in 2012 and featuring several rental kiosks, Spokies is Oklahoma City's downtown bicycle share program - Here is information on Spokies in Oklahoma City, including kiosk locations, bike rental options, cost and more.

Oklahoma City Buses
Due to its large geographical size, Oklahoma City is a car-dependent community, but many also rely on a growing public transportation system. Here is information on buses in Oklahoma City, including metro-area bus schedules, the amount of a fare and where to purchase passes.

"Trips on a Tank Full" Coupons
"Trips on a Tank Full" is an annual coupon program from Central Oklahoma's Frontier Country - Get information on Trips on a Tank Full such as where you can save money, how to get the coupons and more.

Central Oklahoma Travel Guide
Each year Central Oklahoma's Frontier Country tourism agency releases an Oklahoma Travel Guide - Here is information on how to get an Oklahoma Travel Guide with vacation ideas in the central part of Oklahoma.

Share Your Oklahoma Vacation Story
Add your Oklahoma in-state vacation story. Tell us where you spent your Oklahoma vacation and whether you recommend - or don't recommend - the place. Give other readers advice on how best to enjoy the trip. See submissions

Oklahoma Vacation Spots
What are the best places in the state of Oklahoma to vacation? - Readers share their recommendations and advice with photos of the best Oklahoma vacation spots.

Oklahoma City Snow & Ice Routes
When ice and snow hit the Oklahoma City metro area, city officials first plow, salt and clear the primary Oklahoma City snow and ice routes - Here is information on those routes that includes a link to a full OKC snow and ice route map.

New I-40 Crosstown Construction
The original I-40 Crosstown Expressway was built in 1965 and constructed to carry 75,000 vehicles per day but major and expensive construction issues were part of the reason the city decided to build a new I-40 Crosstown Expressway - Get all the details on the new I-40 construction here.

Will Rogers World Airport
Oklahoma City's international airport is called Will Rogers World Airport. Located in southwest OKC, it is named after famous humorist and Oklahoma native, Will Rogers. One of the busiest airports in the state, Will Rogers World Airport accommodates about three and a half million passengers a year. Here's information on Will Rogers World...

Get a Passport in OKC
If you're traveling abroad, you will of course need a passport. Here are the instructions on how and where to obtain a passport in the Oklahoma City area.

Oklahoma Department of Transportation
Here's the official site of the state's department of transportation. Find information on car registration, driver's licences, road conditions, building contracts, the turnpike system and much more.

Oklahoma City Metro Transit
Get information on bus schedules and routes as well as contact numbers for the Oklahoma City Metro Transit system. OKC also has trolleys in the metro and in Edmond.

Oklahoma Transportation Center
A division of the engineering department at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, the OTC does a lot of research related to transportation around the state. You can delve deeper into the statistics of traffic and transportation than you probably thought possible.

Oklahoma Passenger Rail Association
Love to travel by train? There are still some opportunities to do just that around the Oklahoma City area. Check out the Oklahoma Passenger Rail Association for information on the Heartland Flyer.

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