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Best Places for Live Music in Oklahoma City


Best Places for Live Music in Oklahoma City
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Are you looking for the best places for live music in Oklahoma City? Whether you're sitting back in relaxation or up with the crowd, here are some of the best places for live music in Oklahoma City with unique atmospheres and even better music. There are a couple of popular venues, of course, but also a couple of little-known live music gems.

OKC Zoo Amphitheatre

Music: Many would call this the best venue for live entertainment in Oklahoma City. It has certainly brought some of the bigger names in popular rock music to the metro in recent years. 2006, for example, featured Styx; Earth, Wind & Fire; Kansas; Bonnie Raitt; Huey Lewis and the News; Chicago and more.
Atmosphere: The outdoor Zoo Amphitheatre is quite a unique live music experience. See the concerts seated on the grass or a blanket under the stars. One of my definite favorites.
Tickets: Individual concert tickets range in price, typically anywhere from $25 to well over $100 depending on the show. They can often be purchased online, at select Homeland stores or through the Zoo Amphitheatre box office. If you're a big concert-goer, ask about the VIP packages. And if you have a bit to spare, spring the extra 10 bucks for "Expressline" tickets. This allows you to get in and find a spot 30 minutes before the show, definitely worth it for some of the more popular concerts
2101 NE 50th
(405) 364-3700

Chesapeake Energy Arena

Music: The Chesapeake Energy Arena is the home to the majority of the metro's "headline" concerts and tours. Recent acts include Coldplay, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Journey, Eric Clapton, Evanescence, The Who, Rod Stewart, Carrie Underwood and more.
Atmosphere: It's far from an intimate setting, of course, as the Chesapeake Energy Arena arena is nearly 600,000 square feet. Concerts are often "in-the-round," and the big name acts routinely draw many thousands of fans. Nevertheless, the sound system is more than adequate to make a great concert.
Tickets: Ticket prices range greatly, depending on the performer. They can be purchased online, at Tickmaster outlets or by calling (800) 745-3000.
100 W Reno Avenue - See Map
(405) 602-8700

Riverwind Casino

Music: A somewhat recent addition to the OKC music landscape, Riverwind opened in August of 2006. Recent well-known performers at the "ShowPlace Theatre" include Styx, Kool & the Gang, Bad Company, Rick Springfield, Kenny Rogers, Gladys Knight, Foreigner, The Beach Boys, Hootie and the Blowfish and more. The much smaller River Lounge features free live music on occasion as well.
Atmosphere: Seating a modest 1500, it has a VIP mezzanine and private balconies. If you're like me, you probably won't spend the extra few bucks to see those, but the experience for general admission is state-of-the-art and quite comfortable as well.
Tickets: Prices are generally in the $25-$50 range with VIP tickets only a bit more. The shows are typically one night only, though, so it's a good idea to purchase early by calling (405) 322-6464.
1544 W State Hwy 9 (Norman)
(405) 322-6000

UCO Jazz Lab

Music: If you like jazz, this is definitely the place for you. Located in Edmond, the UCO Jazz Lab is home to the university's Jazz Studies Division, but it also becomes an amazing New Orleans-style music venue on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights when you can catch jazz, blues, soul and folk music.
Atmosphere: Intimate and comfortable, the UCO Jazz Lab is a unique place to sit back and relax to the sounds of great music. Food and drinks are provided by the next door Hideaway Pizza, itself one of the best in OKC.
Tickets: Tickets for regular performances are only $7 while the special shows will occasionally cost as much as $70. They can be purchased by calling (405) 359-7989 x 1
100 E 5th (Edmond)
(405) 359-7989


Music: TapWerks calls itself an "Ale House and Cafe." You'll find an extensive collection of beers and a menu with some surprisingly good options in addition to the standard hamburgers and sandwiches. They feature karaoke on Thursdays from 7 to 12 and a number of state bands live.
Atmosphere: The main floor is a restaurant while the live music is upstairs. It's quite a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.
Tickets: TapWerks has a $5 cover charge
121 E Sheridan Avenue
(405) 319-9599

Remington Park

Music: Remington Park's Wild Rush Stage in the center of the casino has live music every Thursday through Saturday from 9pm to 1am. You'll find mostly local names such as Chris Hicks Band and Shortt Dogg.
Atmosphere: It's a bar-like atmosphere at the Wild Rush Stage, and you might occasionally be bothered if you mind smoking. But otherwise, it's a fun venue, particularly on karaoke night Thursdays.
Tickets: Not necessary to purchase tickets. Must be 18 or older.
One Remington Place
(405) 424-1000

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