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Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas for Oklahoma City in 2008


Are you an Oklahoma City resident without a Halloween costume idea? Well, just take a look around our great metro for some ideas. Rather than going as the old stand-by ghost, ghoul or creature, how about dressing for Halloween 2008 as...

1. ...An Excited NBA Fan

The Look: Hey, it has finally happened. After months (heck, years) of NBA confusion and uncertain futures for a couple of franchises, the NBA has come to OKC. Express your excitement by dressing as the ultimate OKC fan.

Requires: Pile on the Kevin Durant, Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook jerseys, paint your face in the new team colors and make sure you're Ford Center rowdy all night. It'll drive your family and friends nuts, particularly at dinner, but who cares. OKC has every reason to celebrate.

2. ...The Devon Tower

Photo Provided by Devon Energy Corp.
The Look: Devon Energy Corp. has announced plans for a new downtown tower that will dwarf not only all of OKC but most of the western United States. Celebrate yet another of the amazing strides our city has made in recent years by dressing as the upcoming beacon of renaissance in the metro.

Requires: Carefully painted cardboard or foam could function as the structure itself. My recommendation? Place your face as the rotunda area to emphasize the height of the tower. Of course, you'll need to duck when you go through doorways.

3. ...Olympic Gymnast Jonathan Horton

Photo: Nick Laham / Getty Images
The Look: If you've read this list in the past, you know that Adrian Peterson's hulking muscles were a costume idea for last year. But in honor of this year's Beijing Summer Olympics, choose another star of sport. Former OU standout Jonathan Horton represented the metro and the country well, helping the men's team to a bronze medal and winning silver in high bar.

Requires: For the vast majority of us, this means quite a bit of "sucking it in." In fact, better to just buy one of those fake "six pack" plates and stick it in your shirt. You're wearing spandex after all. Don't forget the medals around your neck and the close-cropped, spikey hair.

4. ...An Ever-Optimistic Lottery Player

The Look: The Lottery and its tempting teammate Powerball have come to Oklahoma, giving many of us that Wednesday/Saturday fever. Sitting by the television with tickets in hand, it's that moment of optimistic anticipation that is inevitably dashed.

Requires: Easy enough. Just grab a truckload of your old lottery tickets and tape them all over yourself. Then form your face in that constant state of eyebrows-up optimism, waiting for the numbers to appear.

5. ...Fictional OKC Detective Grace Hanadarko

Promotional Poster © TNT
The Look: TNT's new television series set in OKC, Saving Grace was a cable ratings hit this past summer, despite its occasional Oklahoma stereotyping. The lead character is OKC detective Grace Hanadarko. Played by Academy Award-winner Holly Hunter, Hanadarko speaks her mind, punches handsy ranchers and carries a gun.

Requires: Hunter's Hanadarko has long, unkempt hair, a leather jacket, and skin-tight jeans along with the Detective's badge. Don't aim to copy her exactly, though. The amount of time the character spends unclothed certainly wouldn't make for a family Halloween.

6. ...A Country Music Singer

The Look: Oklahoma is famous for many things. But it's quite possible we don't create anything as well as we do country singers. This "one size fits all" Halloween costume gives you limitless options from which to choose.

Requires: Varies. Depending on age and gender, just take your pick from Garth Brooks, Reba McEntire, Vince Gill, Toby Keith, Carrie Underwood and others, then dress accordingly.

7. ...Steve, Shawn and the Magic Man

The Look: It's the costume that works for almost everyone. Pick one of Magic 104.1's popular morning team and go as him/her. The other two of the trio that don't look at all what their voices sound like can take their place on your shoulders.

Requires: This one's tricky as it requires you to build a couple of fake heads and attach one to each shoulder. But a Magic 104.1 shirt should get the point across, and you'll get to talk to yourself all night long.

8. ...The New Oklahoma License Plate

The Look: Last year, it was the state quarter. Well, this year we're getting a new Oklahoma license plate, replacing that well-worn, simple green and white. The plate features Oklahoma artist Allan Houser's "Sacred Rain Arrow" sculpture, allowing you the opportunity to strike a noble pose.

Requires: It shouldn't take too long to craft the rectangle out of foam or cardboard and stencil the license plate numbers. Dress as the proud Native American and grab yourself a makeshift bow. But please, don't shoot anyone with arrows. I don't want any lawsuits.

9. ...A "Capital Thief"

The Look: Depict some history with your costume this year by dressing as one who grabbed the state seal from then-capital Guthrie. The group, led by Governor Charles Haskell, snuck in and swiped it in the middle of the night.

Requires: Period costume would certainly be preferable but is probably not practical. So just put on some black clothes, get yourself a state seal replica and wear a guilty look on your face.

10. ...OKC's About.com Guide Adam Knapp

The Look: For Halloween this year, take the incredible opportunity to dress as one of the most dynamic and influential power players in the metro area. Watch everyone swoon in your presence, people line up just to meet you and the crowds beg to be near you.

Requires: You'll need an incredible smile, a slight but suave beard and... What did you say? I'm in a fantasy world? Oh. Ah, that's what Halloween's all about.
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