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Thanksgiving in Oklahoma City


Thanksgiving is a true family holiday for folks in Oklahoma City, the chance to enjoy a huge meal with loved ones, do a little shopping, prepare for the upcoming Christmas season and give thanks for all of our blessings.

This is your Thanksgiving in Oklahoma City Headquarters. Get all the information you need for nearly every aspect of the holiday from food and shopping to events and travel.

Thanksgiving Dinner

A large family feast is one of the great traditions on Thanksgiving. Whether it be the traditional turkey and pumpkin pie or something different, Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy food with loved ones.

Black Friday Shopping

Next to the mammoth meals, the kick-off of the holiday shopping season may be the thing most synonymous with Thanksgiving and the days immediately following.

Thanksgiving Events and Attractions

If the turkey hasn't put you to sleep, get out of the house with the family and experience all the season as to offer in Oklahoma City.

Thanksgiving Travel

Whether you're heading to a family member's house for Thanksgiving dinner, making your way around the metro shopping or coming into town for one of the events noted above, be safe and knowledgeable with your travels.

Preparing for Christmas

Many people use Thanksgiving weekend as the kickoff to the Christmas season, preparing their decorations and planning holiday-themed December happenings. Thanksgiving is a wonderful family holiday and the start to the wondrous holiday season in Oklahoma City, but there's a lot to keep your mind busy or frazzle your nerves during as well. Worry not, though, and just take everything step by step for Thanksgiving.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!
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