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Top Things Not to do for Valentine's Day in Oklahoma City


So you have a perfect Valentine's Day date idea? It's unique, it's fun, and it's sure to impress your significant other. Are you sure it's as great as you think it is?

There are plenty of good Valentine's Day date ideas around OKC, but there are also plenty of things to do that just aren't well-suited for this romantic holiday. To help prevent anyone from having a devastating date, here are the top things NOT to do on Valentine's Day in OKC.

Note: Many items on this list are fantastic options in the metro any other day of the year but just might not be best for Valentine's Day.


1. Don't Take Her Where You Eat With Your Hands:

One of my favorite seafood restaurants, Crabtown in Bricktown, comes to mind here. If she has dressed up for a night on the town, one of the last things she likely wants to do is get elbow deep digging through the shell of a crustacean. Barbecue joints would also fit in this category. Any dinner that forces your date to lick her own fingers and ends with a handi-wipe should be reserved for another occasion.

2. Don't Think a "Show" Means Extreme Monster Truck Nationals:

See... she means theatre, the Philharmonic or even a movie... I know; easy enough to get confused. When you're scanning the February Events, immediately rule out anything that includes mud, any kind of mangled metal and odors not generally considered pleasant. Going on that last criteria, this category would also include the horse races at Remington Park or the barns at State Fair Park.

3. Don't Think Sports Make a Date:

She may tell you she enjoys sports and the outdoors, but that doesn't mean they fit for Valentine's Day. Let's face it. As fun as a basketball game is, chugging a beer and screaming in Loud City at a Thunder game probably won't earn you another date. And while Lake Hefner might be perfect for a leisurely picnic or bike ride for the holiday, don't take her fishing off the dam. There's just something about fish guts that ladies don't typically enjoy.

4. Don't Go for the "Action" Date:

If you let her know in advance, maybe you can get away with something here, particularly if you're talking pleasant and relaxing recreation. But generally speaking, surprising her with a stop at Pole Position Raceway for some friendly rubber-burning competition isn't going to earn you points with your date. I've found that helmet hair and sweat just don't match a woman's interpretation of "romantic." The same would apply for a rock climbing wall, I think.

5. Don't Do Nothing:

Yes, for some odd reason, the cliche is often true. Women like the rebellious guys. But even the "bad boy" can't fight the incredible power of Valentine's Day. You can't pretend it doesn't exist, as much as you'd like to, and even picking up a flower at the local convenience store won't alleviate you of your responsibilities. So suck it up and just surrender.


1. Don't Plan a Fun-Filled Day of Shopping:

It may be that your guy bought you a gift certificate for Valentine's Day, and you're really excited. However, that doesn't mean he wants to help you redeem it. Scanning the displays as the two of you stroll through Quail Springs Mall en route to the AMC movie theater is one thing. Holding your purse while you sample 472 fragrances at Bath and Body Works, all of which smell the same to him incidentally, is another thing entirely.

2. Don't Drag Him Along to the Beauty Salon:

Day spas are in vogue around Oklahoma City, and that's not a bad Valentine's Day date idea at all. Many men could enjoy the relaxation of a nice massage. But it's important to realize the distinction between a spa and a beauty salon. Watching you get a manicure and have your hair done while he flips through Marie Claire and listens to soft rock and gossip more closely resembles man-torture than a date.

3. Don't Think Craft Shows Make a Date:

An Affair of the Heart is a popular February Event in Oklahoma City, but it's probably not the best date idea. While there's plenty to like about unique crafts and collectibles, an afternoon spent perusing tables of figurines and homemade gifts probably isn't what he has in mind for Valentine's Day. In fact, it may come as a shock, but it's really just shopping. See #1 above.

4. Don't Go for the "Walk and Talk" Date:

"Opening lines of communication is a good thing," you might respond. And I have no argument with that. But the simple truth is that men only have so much that can travel along those "lines of communication." A nice stroll along the Bricktown canal can be a pleasant interlude on Valentine's Day. Planning a date solely based on enjoying one another's company without any activity of distraction is a recipe for disaster with most men.

5. Don't Push the Extravagance Too Far:

The man in your life is more than willing to meet you halfway, I'd bet. He'll put on some fairly nice clothes and go out for a pleasant evening. If you're lucky, you might even have a guy that will join you on the floor during a slow song. But evening dress and ballroom dancing is simply too much for most guys. As a general rule, if an activity requires training for multiple weeks before Valentine's Day, it won't be looked upon favorably by the man in your life. My apologies to the Ballroom Dance Club of Oklahoma City.
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