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Oklahoma City Haunted Houses


Just as much as the candy, Halloween is a holiday of frights and scares, and there are a number of good Oklahoma City Haunted Houses. Here is a list with information on some of the best in the metro.

Frontier City's Frightfest

Beginning in early October each month, Oklahoma City's amusement park Frontier City presents "Frightfest." When the sun goes down, the frights come out, and the park has a large and fairly scary haunted house for the older kids and grown-ups. Admission is $5 in addition to regular park admission.

Bricktown's Haunted Warehouse

A metro favorite, the Bricktown Haunted Warehouse returns for its 28th season this year, again at the Bricktown Chevy Events Center. It's "20,000 square feet of pure terror," and you can check it out this year beginning October 11, 2013. For more information, call (405) 236-4143.

Guthrie Haunts

The newest addition to the metro area scare scene arrived in 2011 and is expanded for 2013. Guthrie residents remember it as the old Harvey's Steakhouse building on Highway 77, 2 blocks north of Cimarron Bridge, but now it's a prime destination for Halloween holiday horror. In addition to Halloween night, the haunted house is open from 7 p.m. to midnight every Friday and Saturday beginning October 4th. Admission is $12, or only $10 if you bring a copy of the Guthrie Haunts Flyer.

The Sanctuary

Located at SW 5th and Broadway downtown, the Sanctuary is a seasonal haunt open Fridays and Saturdays from September 27th through November 2nd, as well as Wednesday and Thursday the week of Halloween. According to organizers, the 4-story haunted house features Hollywood-style special effects and is the largest indoor haunted attraction in the state. General admission is $18, and there are group rates and VIP packages available. Also, while you're there, visit Voodoo Lounge, the night club located in the building's basement.

Ultimate Terrors

With organizers dubbing it the "scariest place in Oklahoma," Ultimate Terrors is a multi-faceted Oklahoma City Haunted House. In fact, it features 3 themed haunted houses: Skull Manor explores the legend of the Skull family, Code Blue is a tour of the family's factory, and 3-D Chaos takes it to the next level. There are also vendors, paintball games, spinning tunnels and more. Ultimate Terrors is located on Northwest Expressway between Meridian and MacArthur, and individual house tickets start at $10, with packages available for multiple attractions.

Area Community Events

Though they are typically one night affairs, don't forget that you have haunted house options at some of the area community events. For example, Moore's Little River Park has the Trail of Fears, a one-third mile trek through the haunted woods, and Yukon's annual Spooksville event has a haunted house as well.

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