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Government and Politics in Oklahoma City

City and State government are prevalent in Oklahoma's state capital. Explore government offices, election news and polling data. Learn about and discuss the civic issues that affect the citizens of Oklahoma City.
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Garage Sale Rules in Oklahoma City Area Communities
Looking to have a garage, yard or estate sale? Well, rules differ based on where you live. Here is a complete breakdown of garage sale rules for all of the Oklahoma City metro area cities and town, as well as links to more detailed information for each.

Trash and Recycling Service in Oklahoma City Area Communities
Do you need to establish sanitation and utility service at a new home in the OKC metro? Here is a complete breakdown on trash and recycling services for all of the Oklahoma City area cities and town, as well as links to more detailed information for each.

Where to Vote
If you're a registered voter in the Oklahoma City metro area, you have received a voter identification card that contains information on where to vote for local, county or state elections - However if you don't know where to vote, here is a tip on how to find your polling place in Oklahoma, Logan, Canadian or Cleveland County.

Oklahoma Social Security Prepaid Debit Cards
The United States Treasury Department has begun to institute a new system of prepaid debit cards for Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients in several states across the country - Oklahoma is one of those states - Get information on the system, the advantages and how to sign up.

Faces of the Oklahoma City Fallen
The Washington Post maintains a database entitled Faces of the Fallen with photos and bios of all the soldiers killed in the War in Iraq. Here are the Oklahoma City service men and women lost in the War.

Meaning of Tornado Sirens in Oklahoma City Metro Area
A recent article in the Daily Oklahoman brought up an interesting and important point about the meaning of a tornado siren. It actually differs by the city, and some may be surprised to learn what OKC's siren is directing you to do.

Oklahoma City Area Sales Tax Rates
The Oklahoma City metro area is made up of several individual towns and cities with distinct laws and regulations, including sales tax rates. Here are the retail sales tax rates for the various cities in the OKC metro, provided to you in table format.

Oklahoma - Unclaimed Property Database
Do you think you may have unclaimed property, maybe because you moved. Oklahoma has now placed their unclaimed property database online. It's easily searchable by name and county.

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