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Oklahoma City Average Temperatures and Precipitation


Everyone seems to know about Oklahoma tornadoes, even to the point that it's almost become an overblown stereotype. But what about Oklahoma City's weather other than spring storms? Here's information on the overall climate as well as average temperatures and precipitation in Oklahoma City by month.

Oklahoma City's climate is officially categorized as "humid subtropical." This essentially means there's a good variation from the hot summers to the chilly winters with a significant and well-dispersed amount of precipitation throughout the year. OKC is on the far west side of this zone, however, and it could also be said that we experience characteristics of the hotter semi-arid climate of west Texas and New Mexico.

The following is a list of average temperatures and rainfall totals in Oklahoma City by month. All temperatures are Fahrenheit, and precipitation amounts are measured in inches:
  • January
    Average High: 46.7
    Average Low: 25.2
    Average Precipitation: 1.1

  • February
    Average High: 52.1
    Average Low: 29.6
    Average Precipitation: 1.6

  • March
    Average High: 62
    Average Low: 38.5
    Average Precipitation: 2.7

  • April
    Average High: 71.9
    Average Low: 48.8
    Average Precipitation: 2.8

  • May
    Average High: 79.1
    Average Low: 57.7
    Average Precipitation: 5.2

  • June
    Average High: 87.3
    Average Low: 66.1
    Average Precipitation: 4.3

  • July
    Average High: 93.4
    Average Low: 70.6
    Average Precipitation: 2.6

  • August
    Average High: 92.5
    Average Low: 69.6
    Average Precipitation: 2.6

  • September
    Average High: 83.8
    Average Low: 62.2
    Average Precipitation: 3.8

  • October
    Average High: 73.6
    Average Low: 50.4
    Average Precipitation: 3.2

  • November
    Average High: 60.4
    Average Low: 38.6
    Average Precipitation: 2.0

  • December
    Average High: 49.9
    Average Low: 28.6
    Average Precipitation: 1.4

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