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Historic Photos of Oklahoma City


You may know much about the history of Oklahoma City. But have you seen it?

Turner Publishing recently published a book entitled "Historic Photos of Oklahoma City" with amazing images from early OKC put together by Metropolitan Library System reference librarian Larry Johnson. It's the pictorial narrative of Oklahoma City's history, long-forgotten times displayed in stark black and white.

You can pick it up at major OKC book retailers and get a sneak peak at some of these incredible shots in this image gallery.
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Main Street in 1889Main Street in the 1890'sTheodore Roosevelt in OKCEarly OKC Storefronts
In the Stands at the FairgroundsA Chuck Wagon Race from the First Oklahoma State Fair.Lee-Huckins Hotel FireOklahoma Capitol Building Under Construction
Oklahoma City Capitol Oil WellTornado in Oklahoma CityLivestock Exchange BuildingThe Importance of Oil to OKC
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