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Oklahoma City History and Trivia Facts

If you're researching Oklahoma City, this is the place the start. Find facts, history and interesting information about the city.
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Life Expectancy in Oklahoma
How long do Oklahomans live? - Get information on life expectancy in the state of Oklahoma, with statistics on life expectancies for each Oklahoma county.

The Wealthiest People in Oklahoma
Oklahoma is not a wealthy state overall, but we do have a few billionaires - Here are the wealthiest Oklahomans, a list with information on the richest people in the state of Oklahoma.

Cost of Living in Oklahoma City
The cost of living in Oklahoma City is considerably less than many metropolitan areas around the United States - Get information on the current cost of living index in Oklahoma City and find out how to compare the cost of living in Oklahoma City to other cities.

Oklahoma State Song
The title song for the 1943 Broadway Musical "Oklahoma!" by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, "Oklahoma!" was named the official state song of Oklahoma in 1953 - Here is a brief background of the song and the lyrics for "Oklahoma!"

Oklahoma City Average Temperatures and Precipitation
Oklahoma City has quite a variable climate with shifting average temperatures and precipitation depending on the season - Here is information on Oklahoma City's climate as well as the precipitation totals and average temperatures by month including highs and lows.

Historic Photos of Oklahoma City
Courtesy of Turner Publishing, see some amazing images from early OKC straight out of the book "Historic Photos of Oklahoma City." It's the history of our city in pictures as long-forgotten times are displayed in library archive photos.

Sunrise and Sunset Times in Oklahoma City
From yard work to leisure, a person's schedule often differs greatly depending on the time of year. Whether you're moving to Oklahoma City and are curious or you're a resident trying to plan ahead, here's a breakdown on sunrise and sunset times in Oklahoma City.

History of Oklahoma City
Here is a brief history of Oklahoma City with information gathered from a number of sources including the Oklahoma City Visitor's Bureau, the State of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Historical Society.

Oklahoma City Trivia Facts
These are the facts about Oklahoma City, the little bits of trivia research that you need to know.

Oklahoma Time Zone Information
The state of Oklahoma is in the Central Time Zone (CST), 6 hours behind Universal Time. Here is information on the Oklahoma time zone and Daylight Saving time in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma City 101 - All the Metro Basics for those New to OKC
If you're new to the OKC metro area, here for a visit or simply don't know much about it, I present Oklahoma City 101. Get up to speed quickly on all the metro basics and sound more like a lifelong resident in no time.

Oklahoma City, OK in 2006 - A Year in Review
2006 has been an eventful year for the Oklahoma City metro. Here's a year in review with some of the top stories, discussions, events and developments from About OKC in 2006.

Top 10 Famous Oklahomans
The state of Oklahoma hasn't exactly had a national reputation as an area known for the arts. But the number of influential actors and musicians from Oklahoma is actually very high. Here's a list of the top 10 famous Oklahomans.

Top 10 Movies Filmed in the State of Oklahoma
While Oklahoma is not exactly the movie capital of the world, there have been some fairly significant films made entirely or at least in part within the state. From the more famous such as the small Oklahoma towns in Twister to the relatively obscure like the OSU Student Union's appearance in a campy thriller, these are the best.

Chickasaw National Recreation Area Quarter
The United States Mint's America the Beautiful Quarters Program features national parks and national sites all across the country, and Oklahoma's quarter depicts the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Sulphur - Get information on Oklahoma's entry in the America the Beautiful Quarter Program, including the design, when the quarter will be...

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