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Continuous Learning Academic Calendar


A continuous learning academic calendar, also known as year-round schooling, is becoming increasingly popular throughout the country. Though detractors say it is detrimental to student learning, advocates insist the method decreases absences and helps with feelings of diminished interest among teachers and students.

After a trial period in which seven Oklahoma City area schools utilized the method, the entire Oklahoma City Public Schools district decided to adopt the year long schedule for 2013-2014 and beyond. Get information on the year-round calendar and the specific schools that follow the year-round model below.

2013-2014 Year-Round Calendar Schedule

In general, year-round schooling consists of spacing out the breaks rather than having a long summer break. Continuous learning schools typically take a two-week fall break in October, a three-week winter break in December and a two-week spring break in March but have only about 8 weeks off in the summer rather than the traditional 12 plus. Both year-round and traditional calendars contain the exact same number of educational days.

For the 2013-2014 school session, year-round schools in Oklahoma City follow this schedule:
  • August 5th: Classes Begin
  • September 2nd: No Classes (Labor Day)
  • September 6th: No Classes (Parent/Teacher Conferences)
  • October 14-25: No Classes (Fall Break)
  • November 27-29: No Classes (Thanksgiving Break)
  • December 18th - January 2nd: No Classes (Winter Break)
  • January 3rd: No Classes (Professional Development)
  • January 20th: No Classes (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)
  • February 7th: No Classes (Parent/Teacher Conferences)
  • March 10-21: No Classes (Spring Break)
  • May 26th: No Classes (Memorial Day)
  • May 30th: Last Day of Classes
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