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Edmond Public Schools Meal Information


How much are the lunches in Edmond Public Schools? Do my kids qualify for free or reduced-price lunch? What about breakfast? Here are all the answers to questions about cafeteria meals in the district. Also, visit the Guide to Back to School in Oklahoma City for information on start dates, school supply lists, the best places to buy supplies, back to school shopping, immunizations and more. Be prepared with all your child needs for the first day of school.

Note: All information below is updated for the 2014-2015 school year.

Lunches and Lunch Prices

In charge of meals in the Edmond Public Schools District is the department of Child Nutrition. In recent years, there has been a significant focus on providing healthy foods and snacks for kids. This means that today's menus include more made-from-scratch items such as homemade lasagna, lean proteins such as roasted turkey breast, low-fat cheeses and milk, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. All meet state and federal requirements based on USDA Dietary Guidelines.

Here are current lunch prices, and note that you can pre-pay for meals by registering through mealpayplus:
  • Elementary: $2.50
  • Middle School: $2.50
  • High School: $2.85

Free or Reduced Lunch

Through the National School Lunch Program, free or reduced-price lunches are available in the Edmond Public Schools District for qualified lower income families. For example, if a family of four earns below $43,568 annually, children can receive lunches at only $.40. If the family of four earns below $30,615 annually, they qualify for free lunches. See this chart for income guidelines by family size.

To receive free or reduced-price lunch, a parent or guardian will need to fill out an application for the family. These are available at any school office. All gross income is reported for all individuals living in the house, and applications should be returned to the school or to the district's Child Nutrition Office at 125 N. State Street in Edmond. The district requires a new application each school year.

For questions, contact (405) 340-2845.


In addition to school lunches, Edmond Public Schools cafeterias serve breakfast each day during the week. These meals cost $1.60 at all levels, but those that qualify for free or reduced-price lunches can also get free or reduced-price breakfasts. School menus are available at schoolnutritionandfitness.com.

At Home

If you send lunches with your kids and/or want to duplicate the nutritional practices employed by Edmond Public Schools, they have a number of tips, snack ideas and recipes available at the link above.

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