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Oklahoma City Community and Lifestyles

These are the things that interest you, the clubs and organizations that bring the citizens of Oklahoma City together. From religious groups to lifestyles, activities and health, find information here for you and your family.
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Oklahoma Film Critics Circle
The Oklahoma Film Critics Circle is comprised of reviewers throughout the state - Here is information on the organization's history, members and the annual movie awards.

Great American Cleanup Oklahoma
The annual, three month-long Great American Cleanup was created in 1999 by environmental organization Keep America Beautiful - Get information on the Great American Cleanup in Oklahoma, including how to volunteer for the beautifying cleanup event.

Moving to the Oklahoma City Area
Oklahoma City is a large and fairly diverse metro area and moving to a new place is always an interesting experience - Share your moving to Oklahoma City story. See submissions

The Wealthiest People in Oklahoma
Oklahoma is not a wealthy state overall, but we do have a few billionaires - Here are the wealthiest Oklahomans, a list with information on the richest people in the state of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma City Pet Stories - Tell Us About Your Pet in Oklahoma City
Are you an Oklahoma City pet-lover? Well, tell us about your pet. Where did you get him/her? How is your pet unique? Share your Oklahoma City pet stories, and give your pet care tips and advice.

Oklahoma 211
We all know about dialing 911 for emergency services, but there's another telephone number to dial for health and human services in Oklahoma: 211 - Here are all the details on Oklahoma 211, including what services are offered in the Oklahoma City metro area.

Portraits of Fallen Oklahoma Soldiers
In honor of their service to our country, stay at Home Mom Amy Whitaker of Tulsa is offering free pencil portraits to families of Oklahoma servicemen and women lost in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Oklahoma City Crime Stoppers
Oklahoma City Crime Stoppers has been relying on metro residents to assist in the apprehension of wanted criminals for decades - Here's information on how to submit a tip to the Oklahoma City Crime Stoppers.

Oklahoma City's Citizen Alert Program
Oklahoma City's website has a useful program you can subscribe to that will provide you with crime and city news alerts and updates by e-mail, cell phone or pager. Registration is easy, and you can stay on top of OKC breaking news.

Summer Swimming in Oklahoma City
Here is a quick tip on summer swimming in Oklahoma City. These are the pools operated by the Oklahoma City Parks Department, with information on hours and cost.

Homelessness in Oklahoma City - Voucher Program Gives True Assistance
An interesting new program aimed at helping the homeless while at the same time keeping money away from panhandlers who have little actual need has been developed by the Oklahoma City Homeless Alliance and Downtown OKC.

Oklahoma City Charitable Donation Guide
If you're planning on giving to an Oklahoma City charity, check out this donation guide. Find information on giving tips, research methods to find the right charity, a few possible Oklahoma City charities and the tax ramifications of your donation.

Thunderkatz Cat Club
Thunderkatz is dedicated to educating the general public about felines: registered, household pets, and feral. Their goal is to protect and preserve ALL cats in accordance with the By-Laws of the International Cat Association (TICA).

Metro Date - Oklahoma City
Metrodate.com provides matching services for singles in the Oklahoma City area. Personal ads come complete with pictures, messages and voice recordings. Find your special someone right here in OKC.

YWCA - Oklahoma City
This is the official site of Oklahoma City's YWCA. A Christian organization, the YWCA offers programs such as domestic violence services, health and fitness, crisis services, child care and more.

Oklahoma City Astronomy Club
If your hobby of choice is Astronomy, the Oklahoma City Astronomy Club should be your first stop. Their official site contains information on their purpose, membership, news and public outreach.

Oklahoma Paranormal Research & Investigations
Oklahoma Paranormal Research & Investigations is one of the oldest Oklahoma paranormal groups still in tact. They research both business and residential locations for paranormal activity and hosts public events at historical locations where they teach the public how to research and document paranormal activity.

Transformation Fitness Center
Ministries of Jesus, a 501 c3 non-profit organization, Transformation Fitness Center operates a medical clinic, a counseling center, and a recovery center, as well as Transformation Fitness Center.

Community Youth Outreach
Community Youth Outreach is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, established to identify and meet the needs of the community through programs and outreach efforts.

City Social Club
City Social Club's membership is free and is geared toward singles of all ages who want to enjoy a more active social life by taking advantage of the outdoor and entertainment opportunities that Oklahoma City and its surrounding areas have to offer.

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