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Youth Curfew Code in Oklahoma City/Bricktown


Are you aware of the fact that Oklahoma City's blossoming tourist and entertainment region has a youth curfew regulation in effect, one different from the rest of the metro.

City officials instituted the Bricktown curfew in August of 2006. Here are the full details on the curfew, including the background, some important exceptions and repercussions for violation.


Oklahoma City already has a curfew for minors across the city limits of midnight on weekdays, 1am on weekends. But a number of violent incidents involving teenagers in 2005 and 2006 caused Bricktown business owners to complain to the city council, asking for an earlier curfew within the district.

In August of 2006, the city council complied, unanimously passing an ordinance that places an 11pm curfew on minors in Bricktown.


According to OKC police, the majority of teens found in violation of the curfew ordinance are not initially cited but rather warned. That said, it is within a police officer's power to make an arrest for curfew violation.

A citation for the Bricktown curfew could carry a penalty of community service or a fine.


Oklahoma City officials made clear the earlier Bricktown curfew for minors would not apply to the following:
  • Minors working in Bricktown
  • Minors going to a late movie in Bricktown (Ticket stub needed for verification)
  • Minors attending a late sporting event (Ticket stub needed for verification)
  • Minors in Bricktown with their parents

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