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The Oklahoma Lottery TV Show


In Short:

UPDATE: The Oklahoma Lottery Show's Final Taping was August 20, 2008

Oklahoma has had the lottery since October of 2005, and many people have learned how to play all the scratch-off and number picking games, and they have monitored the numbers in hopes of a Powerball jackpot. Well, now they can be contestants on an Oklahoma Lottery Game Show.

Just about two years after the first scratch-off tickets appeared, the Oklahoma Lottery Commission launched a new lottery television show in an effort to boost sales. Get full details on the show, where to watch and how to be a contestant below.

Lottery TV:

Taped before a live audience at Stage Center in downtown OKC, the new Oklahoma Lottery TV show is produced by Sande Stewart of Los Angeles. Lasting 30 minutes, each episode features 7 contestants, 6 of them new and 1 a returning champion.

Contestants play for a chance to win over $50,000 in cash and are guaranteed at least $500 for playing.

To Watch:

Tune to KOCB-CW, Oklahoma City's channel 34 to watch the Oklahoma Lottery Game Show. It airs each Saturday at 6pm and then rebroadcast the following Monday at 2pm and Wednesdays at 6:30pm on Cox Channel 7.

To Be a Contestant:

The Oklahoma Lottery Game Show has special scratch-off tickets. If you match three "Entry" symbols, you win a chance to be a contestant on the game show. You would then complete and sign the back of the winning "Entry" ticket and mail to:

c/o “The Oklahoma Lottery Game Show”
Oklahoma Lottery
P.O. Box 18879
Oklahoma City, OK 73154-8879

"Entry" winners can also register through an online entry form. The winning scratch-off ticket must be kept for verification.

Contestant Selection:

Random drawing among the "Entry" winners determines the contestants each week, and those selected are contacted by telephone and with a confirmation packet by US mail.

Perks of Being a Contestant:

If selected as a contestant, you'll receive a few things in addition to the opportunity to appear on the show. A one-night stay in an OKC hotel along with breakfast, dinner and transportation are provided.

Home Players:

Even if you aren't chosen as a contestant, you may be selected to play from home. Home players have an opportunity to win $100.
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