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Top Bricktown Attractions


If you want to experience some of the best Oklahoma City has to offer, you need to check out the top Bricktown attractions, all the wonderful things to do in this dynamic district. Here are the top attractions in Bricktown, the things you must make sure to experience.

1. The Bricktown Canal

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The canal is the center piece of the rejuvenated Bricktown region in Oklahoma City. Take a leisurely stroll alongside it and check out all that Bricktown has to offer. Even better, buy a ticket for a Water Taxi ride. They're covered in the summer, making it not too hot along the water, and the winter season brings the beautiful holiday lights.

2. Bricktown Food & Treats

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The selection of restaurants in Bricktown is pretty good for such a fairly small area overall, and there's likely something to satisfy any taste, from the fine dining of Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse and Nonna's to the relaxed experience at Earl's or Toby Keith's. Here's a breakdown of some of the best Bricktown restaurants. Try to sample as many as possible. After dinner, visit the Bricktown Candy Co. along the canal or Coco Flow on Main for a unique treat.

3. The RedHawks at "The Brick"

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Anytime from April to September will work. Don't miss an opportunity to see the Oklahoma City RedHawks, the metro's AAA affiliate of the Texas Rangers, play at the beautiful Bricktown Ballpark. The park has plenty of giveaways and promotions throughout the season, but even without them, it's a great experience.

4. Bars, Clubs and Live Music

The nightlife in Bricktown is pretty exciting and holds a variety of options. For a club atmosphere, check out Club One15 or Candy. Other hot spots include Coyote Ugly and Captain Norm's. Several restaurants in the area, including Toby Keith's, occasionally have live music as well. Finally, check out the UCO School of Rock.

5. Shopping

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Whenever metro residents talk about improvements to the Bricktown area, one of the first topics to enter the discussion is retail. There aren't a lot of shopping establishments in Bricktown right now, but there are a couple. The Painted Door inside Nonna's restaurant has unique specialty gifts, the Red Dirt Emporium has Oklahoma collectibles and, of course, Bass Pro Shop is a huge outdoors establishment.

6. Harkins Bricktown Cinema

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One of the top draws in Bricktown is the Harkins Movie Theatre, and it's among the best in OKC. There are 16 theatres, and all are nice, equipped with digital sound and stadium seating.

7. Redpin Bowling Lounge

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It ranks as one of my favorite sports bars in the metro, but it's not your traditional sports bar. Call in ahead of time, particularly for a weekend, to reserve one of the bowling lanes. It has a contemporary bar area or a restaurant area, and the menu includes things such as stone-baked pizza, ahi tuna salad, four berry creme brulee and more.

8. Take a Horse-Driven Carriage Ride

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Taking a canal taxi is certainly fun, but it's not what one would typically term a romantic ride. For that, make your Bricktown experience a special one with a horse-drawn carriage ride along the streets of the district. The Clydesdale and Percheron horses pull elegant carriages, either for transportation or just a quiet tour.

9. Hotels

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Get a window overlooking the ballpark and enjoy just a short walk to the restaurants and bars.  Bricktown has several very good hotels right in the middle of the action.

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