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Take a Walk by the Canal


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Other Key Bricktown Attractions
Take a Walk by the Canal
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So now we're back at Mickey Mantle Blvd. staring at the Bricktown Ballpark. We could return to our car in the garage or we could do a bit more. If we opt to go North, Sheridan Ave. contains even more brick street charm with restaurants and businesses.

There's The Spaghetti Warehouse or Abuelo's if you want Italian or Mexican. Or there's TapWerks for ale and The Mantle if you prefer a nice glass of wine, all along the North Side of Sheridan Ave.

If instead you chose to go South from the canal, you'd hit Reno Ave. Reno is one of the busier streets in downtown, and I'd recommend you return for your car if you want to visit some of the attractions along this road. But the street holds plenty more to see.

Right there by Mickey Mantle Blvd. and Reno Avenue is the Harkins Theatre, a state of the art movie watching experience. Just East of that is the world's only dine-inside Sonic and the Sonic Corporate Headquarters. And just a bit further down is the incredible sporting goods experience at Bass Pro Shops retail store.

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