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Take a Walk Along the Bricktown Canal


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Lower Bricktown
Harkins Bricktown
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Lower Bricktown unfortunately doesn't take advantage of the canal nearly as well as upper Bricktown.  Right there by Mickey Mantle and Reno is the Harkins Theatre, a state of the art movie watching experience. Just east of that is the world's only dine-inside Sonic and the Sonic corporate headquarters. Walk downstairs and we're again along the canal.  It's not a bad time to take a break, have a drink and perhaps bowl a game at RedPin, one of the top attractions in Bricktown

After our game, we'll continue along the canal and take note of the Bricktown celebrity restaurants, Toby Keith's and Kd's.  We walk past the Residence Inn, one of the many good hotels in and around Bricktown.  And just a bit further down is the huge sporting goods experience at Bass Pro Shops retail store.

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