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Take a Walk Along the Bricktown Canal


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Take a Walk Along the Bricktown Canal
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Bricktown is one of the most exciting areas of OKC, giving us a restaurant, sports, and shopping hotspot in the tradition of San Antonio's Riverwalk. One could quite easily spend an afternoon exploring it all, but you should have a plan before you go. Know the landscape, so you can thoroughly enjoy yourself as you travel along the canal.

The first thing you want to do is park your car. You won't need it. Most things to see are within a small area, and driving along the brick-covered downtown streets can often be difficult at busy times, most notably during sporting events at either the Bricktown Ballpark or the Chesapeake Energy Arena.

Speaking of sporting events, let's start there as the major complexes essentially create bookends for the primary attraction district of Bricktown. The Bricktown Ballpark is just north of Reno Avenue. between Mickey Mantle Boulevard. and Joe Carter Avenue. on the east side. The Chesapeake Energy Arena and the Cox Convention Center are just outside the western side of Bricktown.

So we'll start on the east end and work our way west first. There are a number of parking areas along Oklahoma Avenue. right in the middle, priced around $5. But let's put our car in the multi-level parking garage just beside the ballpark. When the garage is full, it can be difficult to maneuver up and down the ramps, but one familiar with parking garages likely won't have much trouble. It's on Sheridan, just north of the ballpark, so we work our way south to the entrance.

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