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Things to Do in Oklahoma City


Whether you're visiting or are a longtime Oklahoma City resident, get to know all there is to do in the metro. Here you'll find information on attractions, events, sports, restaurants, shopping, entertainment and much more.
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Movies & Music

Whether it be live music in metro clubs, big concerts at top OKC venues or the popular movie theaters around town, this is the place to find information on movies and music in OKC.

Theatre & The Arts

Here you'll find information on the arts in Oklahoma City, visual and performance. Profiles of metro companies will guide you to upcoming productions, and area festivals give you a chance to see Oklahoma art up close.


Thrills abound at Frontier City, White Water and other places in Oklahoma City for fun and entertainment. Here you'll find information, links and discussion of the primary fun parks around Oklahoma City.

Events & Holidays

What's going on around the metro? Here you'll find profiles on a number of holiday events as well as calendars that break down the top things to do each month in Oklahoma City.

Museums & Educational

Whether it be the quiet emotional reflection of the OKC National Memorial or the frenzied scientific excitement of Science Museum Oklahoma, these are the top museums and educational establishments to visit in Oklahoma City.

Sports & Recreation

Whatever your sport or recreational interest, you'll find something to suit your needs here. The NBA has come to town with a hot ticket in the Thunder, and the RedHawks rule the Bricktown Ballpark. Get news on the Blazers, Sooners, Cowboys, golf and more. But those are just the ones to watch. You'll also find information on recreational sports and gaming for kids and adults all around the city.

Casinos & Gaming

Oklahoma City contains a number of Indian gaming establishments either in the metro area or just outside the city. Bingo and horse-racing have been common for some time, but now table games and the lottery have increased the gaming landscape.


Of course there are the malls and shopping centers to explore around Oklahoma City, but don't forget the local-owned shops and stores that may be able to offer you something truly unique. Here you'll find information on where to obtain the best goods and services.

Food & Drink

The bar/restaurant landscape in the Oklahoma City area is absolutely eclectic with something to satisfy any tastebud. Every level of cuisine from fast food to fine dining are covered with the top choices examined.

Hotels & Travel

Get information on Oklahoma City hotels as well as resources for visitors and travel ideas for residents.

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