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Valentine's Day Date Ideas in Oklahoma City


Looking for something special to do for Valentine's Day in Oklahoma City? Well, here are a few Valentine's Day date ideas in Oklahoma City, along with resources to give your sweetheart a wonderful time for the holiday.

1. Romantic Dinner and a Movie

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Take that special someone out for a nice dinner at one of the top romantic restaurants in OKC, any other top OKC restaurant or one of your own choosing. Dine in style and have some great food to begin your Valentine's date.

After the meal, go catch a movie at one of the top OKC movie theaters. For something a bit different with your movie-watching, take a trip to the Noble Theatre at the OKC Museum of Art to catch an independent, foreign or classic film.

2. Dinner and a Show

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If going to a movie just seems a bit too usual for a special Valentine's Day date, maybe you should take the evening entertainment up a notch. After having that nice romantic dinner, try one of the many live performance options that may be running at the time.

You can check out the OKC February Event Calendar for information on theatre, music, ballet and more.

3. Get More Active for Valentine's Day

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You can't usually go wrong with a movie or a show for a Valentine's date, but sometimes you might want to get more personally involved, especially on a holiday. If so, try cooking rather than going out. Check out these holiday recipe ideas or these candy recipes right here on About.

After your meal, consider one of the many places in Oklahoma City that get you involved in your entertainment, places of culture or education like the Museum of Art, Science Museum Oklahoma, the OKC Zoo or the History Center.

4. A Valentine's Day Cruise

One of the more unique Valentine's Day specials in Oklahoma City is the one offered by Oklahoma River Cruises. If the weather permits, take a special 90-minute romantic cruise down the river on Valentine's Day evening. For only a small charge, you get the ride plus live music, hors d'oeuvres, beverages and a limited cash bar.

5. A Valentine Picnic

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A great spot for a picnic is Lake Hefner, though it's certainly not the only option around the metro. In fact, any area lake or city park might work. At Hefner, there are plenty of tables and open spaces to fly a kite or simply relax as you watch the sailboats. Mid-February won't be the same sight as the Summer sailboat races, but it will be an enjoyable experience nonetheless.

Grab a couple of glasses, a bottle of wine and consider these options:

6. Relax and Be Pampered

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Maybe you and your date would rather take it easy. Maybe you'd like to be pampered and just enjoy the relaxation together.

One thing people often rave about are spas. Take a Valentine's Day trip to a spa and enjoy a massage. Many metro area spas offer couples specials, but they often fill up quickly.

Then continue the theme of getting away while never leaving the city with an Oklahoma City hotel for Valentine's Day. You and your sweetheart can have a night away, relax and order room service.
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