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Top Places to Play Miniature Golf in Oklahoma City


Looking to get out of the house and have fun with the family? Or perhaps you want to take a special someone out for a fun, unique date. Miniature golf is a great suggestion. Unfortunately, there aren't many places to play mini-golf in the Oklahoma City metro area; it's a dwindling business, it seems. But here is information on a few.

Celebration Station

Contact: 509 Westline Drive
(405) 942-7888
Course Type: Outdoor
Cost: $7.50/18 holes, $10/36 holes, $5/children 6-10, Free/children under 6 with paying adults
Summary: Celebration Station ranks as one of the better places to take the kids in OKC, but the miniature golf is great for adults as well. There are 3 full 18-hole mini-golf courses at Celebration Station, and they are very well-designed, varied and challenging.

HeyDay Golf (Norman)

Contact: 3201 Market Place
(405) 310-3500
Course Type: Outdoor
Cost: $6.50/18 holes (all ages 6 and up), $12/Unlimited games all day
Summary: The HeyDay Family Fun Center has lasertag, arcade and more, and its miniature golf course is a good one, complete with sand and water.


Contact: 5833 NW Expressway
(405) 721-4227
Course Type: Indoor
Cost: Call for pricing
Summary: GattiTown is a huge pizza restaurant and family fun center in northwest OKC.  In addition to go-karts and video games, there's a small indoor mini golf course.

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