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Things to Do in MidTown Oklahoma City


If you're looking for an exciting area of Oklahoma City to visit, try MidTown. Though it's not one of the metro's largest, it may be one of the more interesting. Here are several things to do and see in MidTown Oklahoma City.

OKC National Memorial & Museum

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There is no more important site to visit, not only in MidTown but in the entirety of Oklahoma City, than the National Memorial & Museum. It honors the memory of the 168 people lost on that tragic day of April 19, 1995 in a stunningly emotional outdoor monument and memorial. The museum is equally impactful, taking visitors on a tour through that horrific period in Oklahoma City's history with photos, video, audio, artifacts, interactive exhibits with survivor stories and more.

Plaza Court

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There are many historic buildings in the MidTown area. See below for more. But the Plaza Court building near the metro's first roundabout at 10th and Walker is considered by many to be the area's "social center." The extensively renovated triangular building is home to restaurants and unique retail establishments.

MidTown Bars & Restaurants

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Speaking of restaurants... MidTown possesses some of the metro's best in such a small area. In the Plaza Court building mentioned above, there's McNellie's, one of the top pubs in OKC, as well as one of the best hamburgers in town at Irma's. But that's only the beginning. Don't miss unique Latin cuisine at 1492, the Mediterranean offerings of City Kabob, upscale Italian at Stella's or the new Kaiser's American Bistro.

Historic Homes & Buildings

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Historic homes and businesses are all around the MidTown area, from Heritage Hills and Mesta Park to the north to the downtown area south. But in MidTown itself, you're in for a real treat if you love historic architecture. Church Row on Robinson has places of worship built in the early 1900's, and many of the cottages and bungalows near St. Anthony's hospital have been renovated. Also, check out Oklahoma City's first high school, Central High School (pictured). Located at N.W. 7th and Robinson, it was built in 1912 and is now owned by American Farmers & Ranchers Mutual Insurance Company.

MidTown Shopping

Retail continues to increase in the MidTown area of Oklahoma City. For example, North Walker offers several shops, including a bridal shop/boutique and a fine art gallery. A retail contest at Plaza Court was won by former OSU basketball star and NBA player Desmond Mason, who opened an art studio.

Nearby Districts

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If you're in the MidTown area of Oklahoma City, you are very near to a couple of other dynamic and interesting metro spots. For example, on the east is the thriving retail of Automobile Alley along Broadway Avenue, and to the northwest is the Asian District, OKC's home to Asian cuisine and commerce. Finally, just to the south of MidTown, you enter OKC's bustling downtown, with business, restaurants, the arts district, Bricktown and much more.

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