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Pole Position Raceway


What is Pole Position Raceway?:

The short answer is that Pole Position Raceway, located in a shopping center at NW 36th and May Avenue, is indoor go-karts. But that explanation doesn't do justice to the tense, competitive experience of the race. The Pole Position track is laid out inside what used to be a grocery store, on the concrete floor. With speeds near 45 miles per hour, tight turns, squealing tires and fierce competitors, these certainly aren't your typical go-karts.
After each race, you're provided with a score sheet with the lap times of each racer in your group and your "RPM." This "Race Performance Measurement" is cumulative and takes into account all your previous race results.

The facility also has a public seating/viewing area, video games and a snack bar.

Is it Safe?:

Drivers are secured tightly and must wear an approved safety racing helmet, provided by Pole Position Raceway. The electric go-karts can be turned off instantly by monitoring personnel, and as with most other go-kart facilities, excessive bumping is not allowed.

Riders must be at least 48 inches tall, and if they are under 18, they must have a parent or guardian to sign a release form.

All of that said, racing is not usually a relaxing experience. First timers might walk away with their arms hurting a bit from gripping the wheel during turns, and be prepared to sweat inside the helmet.

How Much Does it Cost?:

A regular adult race is $23, $15 for a youth race. These prices can be reduced by becoming a member. For $45 a year, members receive a free race upon sign-up, a free race on their birthday and a t-shirt in addition to the regular discounts.

Are Private Parties Available?:

You can set up a single group race with your friends or you can rent the entire facility for a private party.
  • Groups: Must be of 8 or more with half payment in advance. For two races, the cost is $45/person. For three, it's $60/person.
  • Private Parties: For a cost of $1030/hour ($1320 on weekends), you can rent the track for private racing and have use of the party room. Pay $1230/hour ($1720 on weekends), and you can have the entire facility to yourself.
  • Birthday Parties: Birthday packages are available and include private races, food, game tokens, and more. Call for pricing information.

When Are They Open?:

Sunday - Thursday: 11am-9pm
Friday & Saturday: 11am-Midnight

How Do I Contact Pole Position Raceway?:

Weekend nights are busy nights, so be prepared to wait. It's a good idea to get in touch in advance to check track availability. Pole Position can be reached by calling (405) 942-2292 or by e-mail at okcinfo@polepositionraceway.com

Pole Position Raceway
2905 NW 36th St.
OKC, OK 73112
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