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The Devon Tower

Information on Oklahoma City's Downtown Devon Energy Center Skyscraper


The Devon Tower
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In March of 2008, Devon Energy Corp. officials stirred the interest and imaginations of Oklahoma City residents with the announced construction of a new Devon Tower, what would be the metro's tallest building. But when the official Devon Tower plans were finally revealed on August 20th, the response was absolute awe.

Instead of edging just above the rest of the Oklahoma City skyline, the glass Devon Tower is quite a sight to behold, rising far above the rest of the metro and reaching the sky in a representation of the tremendous renaissance in our fair city.

Here is all the information you need to know about the Devon Tower, its construction and more.

Devon Tower Fast Facts

Designers: Pickard Chilton Architects Inc.
Contractors: Joint venture between Flintco and Atlanta-based Holder Construction
Location: North side of Sheridan Avenue at Hudson, across the street from the Myriad Gardens
Size: 844 ft., 52 floors, 1.8 million square feet
Estimated Cost: $750 million
Start of Construction: October 1, 2009
Date of Completion: October 2012

Devon Tower FAQs

How does its size compare to other buildings in Oklahoma City and elsewhere?: Frankly, the 844 foot structure dwarfs the rest of the downtown buildings from some angles. The Chase Tower, currently our tallest, has 36 floors and sits right at 500 feet. The First National Tower, built in 1931, is 446 feet tall.

In addition, the Devon Tower holds the title as the tallest in the state, besting Tulsa's 667 foot BOK Tower, and it ranks with the tallest skyscrapers west of the Mississippi, just short of Dallas' two tallest, Bank of America Plaza and Renaissance Tower. On a national level, it would currently rank in the top 40.

What does it look like?: The 3-sided glass tower features diamond-shaped faces at the top, a 100' by 100' glass rotunda just beside it and a six-story "podium" stretching to west to Hudson. The "podium" has auditoriums, classrooms and offices. Reflecting pools sit at the base of the tower, and a transparent wall allows those passing by to see into the tower lobby.

Here are some of the early renderings provided by Devon Energy Corp. and designers Pickard Chilton Architects Inc.: What is used for?: Each floor has 25,000 to 28,000 square feet, collectively housing up to 3,000 Devon Energy Corp. employees, consultants and contractors. Designers emphasized, however, that they want the ground level of the structure to be the "heart of downtown," a place for the public to gather at restaurants and shops. For example, Nebu is the casual food court and dining area in the garden wing. It includes a wide array of options such as sandwiches, pizza, sushi, salad and gourmet Italian coffees.

What about the top floor restaurant?: The full-service restaurant "Vast" occupies the tower's top two floors, with seating for 135 as well as private rooms, and it offers, quite obviously, some incredible views. It opened in October of 2012, and reservations are currently being accepted. The reservation line is (405) 702-7262.

What kind of food does Vast serve, and how much does it cost?: A fine dining concept from Skirvin Hotel chef Andrew Black, the menu features American fare such as steaks and seafood, and while many have assumed prices would far eclipse other high-end metro restaurants, officials say that isn't be the case. In an OKCBiz article prior to the restaurant's opening, food and beverage operations head John Williams is quoted as saying, "We are not going to overprice the market just because we're at the top of the building."

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