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Oklahoma City Philharmonic Profile



The Oklahoma City Philharmonic has been around in its current state since 1988 when Joel Levine and a number of city leaders formed it. Before then, the Oklahoma Symphony Orchestra was widely known and popular for decades. The Philharmonic now has performances from September to May with a Classical and Pops concert series as well as the Discovery Family Concert Series. They also have signature holiday concerts and educational outreach concerts.


The Civic Center Music Hall at 201 N. Walker in downtown Oklahoma City is the setting for the Philharmonic Concerts. Around since 1937, the Music Hall has been completely renovated and continues to be upgraded. The beautiful facility now seats 2,500 and houses a number of Oklahoma City companies including the Philharmonic, Oklahoma City Ballet and Lyric Theatre.


Holidays at the Philharmonic are highlighted by the popular "The Christmas Show" (long known as "A Very Merry Pops"), a collection of holiday favorites presented in song and dance. Other times of the year show classical favorites such as Mendelssohn, Wagner and Beethoven as well as more Pops concerts.

The Discovery Family Concert series includes one hour shows specifically designed to entertain and educate 4 to 13 year olds. Along with the music, kids can try the Instrument Playground and meet Phil the Penguin.


Tickets are available by calling (405) 842-5387 or 1-800-364-7111. You can also purchase from the Ticket Office located at 428 W. California, the McAlpine Center building in the Festival Arts Plaza in downtown OKC.

Season tickets are available as are single event tickets through the Philharmonic website. Other options include a Flex 4 pack and ticket buying at select Homeland stores. Prices range from $12 to $75, depending on seating, for single events. For the Discovery Family series, adult tickets are $9 and children are $6.

Dress and Manners:

The Oklahoma City Philharmonic says that a tuxedo or formal dress is absolutely not necessary. Business casual and even jeans are acceptable if you prefer not to dress up. But the Philharmonic does strenuously ask you to turn off cell phones and pagers. Photos, videos and audio recordings are also not allowed.

Children under 5 are not permitted except for the Discovery concerts and "A Very Merry Pops."

Support the Philharmonic:

Financial contributions from individuals and companies help keep the Oklahoma City Philharmonic going. Once you've seen the quality of the concerts, consider checking out your options for donations.

Bottom Line:

The Oklahoma City Philharmonic is nationally renowned for a reason. Their concert series are both varied and fantastic, and you won't find a better artistic entertainment option available in Oklahoma City. In fact, given the quality of the performances, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better option in many other cities.

Joel Levine, Music Director for the Philharmonic, has been around since its inception and has truly created the key Oklahoma destination for those interested in orchestral music. Famed cellist Yo-Yo Ma once called Levine a "remarkable musician and visionary."

And performance is only one of the things the Oklahoma City Philharmonic does. They are also committed to a number of educational activities for kids including youth concerts, school-based programs and scholarships for young musicians.

Don't miss the Oklahoma City Philharmonic. Make it part of an evening out filled with culture and masterful entertainment.
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