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Civic Center Music Hall Profile


Civic Center Music Hall Profile
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Called "The Municipal Auditorium" when it originally opened in 1937, the building was renamed the Civic Center Music Hall in 1967 when it was renovated to be strictly a performing arts hall. By the 1990's, of course, the Hall had begun to deteriorate and was very out of date as far the amenities available to performing companies. Extensive renovations began that essentially rebuilt the interior of the historic building.

Although the overall seating capacity was trimmed, the environment for performance was greatly enhanced. Acoustics were improved, and an intimate atmosphere was created. Since 2000, the MAPS renovations have continued to improve the Hall, adding another theater in the basement and a coffee shop for patrons. It is now a premiere location for artistic events.


201 N. Walker in downtown Oklahoma City
North on Walker from I-40


Box Office: (405) 297-2264 or (800) 364-7111
General Information: (405) 297-2584
Civic Center Concert Hall online



  • Hall comfortably seats 2500
  • 4 levels with orchestra, tier, mezzanine and balcony seating
  • 4 story atrium for intermission comfort
  • Coffee Shop
  • Main performance stage and small basement theater
  • Fantastic acoustical sound


Resident Companies:



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