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Art Moves - Daily Lunchtime Arts Program Downtown


Art Moves - Daily Lunchtime Arts Program Downtown

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In Short:

Started in the fall of 2011 and presented by Devon Energy, Art Moves is a daily lunchtime arts program from the Arts Council of Oklahoma City. Each day during the week at one of many locations in downtown OKC, free performances will be held, representing a variety of artistic mediums such as music, storytelling, ballet, visual art, film and more. One of the primary goals of Art Moves is to spotlight local artists and "increase awareness and understanding of art to a larger audience."


Unless otherwise noted on the schedule below, all Art Moves events take place from noon to 1 p.m. each day, Monday through Friday. Each one-hour session will begin with a performance or demonstration and end with a question and answer period or lecture in which the artist can speak on his/her creative process, technique and artistic ideas.


Art Moves performances are held at multiple locations around downtown Oklahoma City (See schedule below). Spots include the renovated Myriad Gardens, the Downtown Library at 300 Park Avenue, Leadership Square near 2nd and Robinson, the downtown Underground, IAO Gallery and the OKC Museum of Art.

Apply or Get More Information:

Artists wishing to participate in the Art Moves program can apply through a form available online. Performers receive a "modest stipend" to cover artist fee, demonstration materials and parking.

For more information on Art Moves, contact the director Angela Hodgkinson at (405) 270-4892.
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