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Things to Do in Edmond, Oklahoma

Top Edmond Attractions


Are you spending some time in Edmond and looking for some fun things to do while you're here? Well, here is a list of just a few of the best Edmond attractions, the entertaining and exciting things to do in Edmond, Oklahoma.

UCO Jazz Lab

One of the top live music venues in the Oklahoma City area, the UCO Jazz Lab is home to the University of Central Oklahoma's Jazz Studies Division. It also becomes an amazing New Orleans-style music venue on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights when you can catch jazz, blues, soul and folk music.

Arcadia Lake

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Located just east of the Oklahoma City suburb of Edmond, Arcadia Lake is one of the best spots in central Oklahoma for outdoor recreation. Unlike metro lakes such as Hefner, Overholser and Draper, Arcadia allows swimming. And it is an extremely popular spot for camping, picnicking, fishing, skiing and hiking.

Armstrong Auditorium

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Tucked within the rolling greens of North Edmond sits Armstrong Auditorium, a $20 million, premiere concert and performance venue. A hidden cultural gem in central Oklahoma, Armstrong features a performing arts series of classical music stars, internationally-renowned ballet companies, jazz icons and much more in a truly inspiring setting

Shopping in Historic Downtown

The quaint, historic downtown area of Edmond is home to plenty of annual festivals, but throughout the year, it features several locally-owned and unique shops and boutiques that offer antiques, jewelry, clothing, gifts and more.

Top Metro Restaurants

Edmond is home to several of the top restaurants in the Oklahoma City metro area. If you're looking for excellent fine dining, it's hard to get better than Boulevard Steakhouse or Signature Grill. For Italian, there's Othello's downtown, for Latin food, Zarate's. And you'll also find locations of Hideaway Pizza and Ron's Hamburgers, two of the best at what they do.

Festival Market Place Farmers Market

The Festival Market Place is home to several Edmond events, but the rest of the time, it's home to the Edmond Farmers Market, a popular metro farmers market since the late 1980's. Open from 8am to 1pm daily, the market has plenty of fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, flowers, pastries and more.

Edmond Parks

J.L. Mitch Park in northwest Edmond is an excellent place metro walkers and runners, and it also has baseball fields, playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts and more. E.C. Hafer Park has much more tree coverage and just as many amenities. And those two are just the beginning of an excellent city park system.

Arctic Edge Ice Arena

Edmond is home to one of the metro's few ice skating facilities, Arctic Edge on Kelly Avenue. Arctic Edge has public skating, a concession stand, arcade and more. In addition, you can rent the facility for birthday parties, hockey or other events.

Pelican Bay Aquatic Center

Edmond's municipal aquatic center, Pelican Bay is not your every day city pool. It almost rivals a water park with it's many slides, a current channel, a climbing wall and more. Plus, the facility features programs and classes for people of all ages, as well as movie nights, water polo and more.

POPS on Route 66

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Yes, technically it's east of Edmond near Arcadia, but it needs to be mentioned. Since it's opening in 2007, POPS has quickly become a metro tourist attraction. With a 66-foot tall soda bottle adorning the side of the iconic Route 66 highway, POPS boasts hundreds of soda pop flavors and brands in the convenience store area of the gas station. In addition, there is a restaurant that features several cafe food options such as burgers, sodas and shakes.

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